VPSLIST Update – Spring 2016

Just giving an update to everybody:

March was an extremely busy month for me and April is slowly becoming the same. Hopefully May will be a little bit relaxed.

I’ve had Host1Plus and RoseHosting reach out to have their services reviewed, which I’m working on right now. The OVH VPS #1 (scheduled to publish in about 6 hours from now), HostUS,¬†and OneProvider OneCloud reviews were recently published.

My day to day obligations are a little erratic- some days I have planned, some days are more reactionary and some days are lazy. However planned days can easily go chaotic and reactionary days could turn lazy. A nice week’s worth of doing absolutely nothing would be amazing and much needed.

A nice tropical vacation on a beach…. mmmmm…. sounds perfect.

Otherwise, I’ve got planned between now through the next summer update is a possible web site redesign/update. I don’t *mind* the current layout I’d just like it to be more user friendly and engaging versus how passive it is with the menus. My plan is to have various categories/tags come up on an easy to navigate area on the homepage where you click based on those category/tag interests versus just reading reviews.

Thank you to all the loyal VPSLIST visitors and readers.
It’s been an interesting coming up on 6 years.