VirtWire Global is shutting down

I just saw this on LowEndTalk but it appears VirtWire Global is shutting down. There’s no exact explanation but it appears the infamous “plug has been pulled” from their servers. VirtWire Global sold NAT VPS services which is a shared IPv4 address that has assigned ports for you to use, for a web server or whatever you wish to run, but also an assigned SSH port.

I never understood NAT VPS servers except for their efforts to limit IP exhaustion or have services in locations where IP addresses are limited.

Many of the customers are rightfully upset as the owner was posting offers for their services before this unfortunate downtime. If you were a customer, you have 180 days to dispute a Paypal payment as it was moved from 45 days to 180 days on a virtual good. A service with a VPS hosting company would technically fall under a virtual good.