Ubiquity Hosting’s Cloud Platform Review

Ubiquity HostingUbiquity Hosting was founded in 2004 and is sometimes known by their older name NobisTech which is used on their IP assignments.

Very recently, Ubiquity launched their Cloud hosting platform called “Motion” which has an API and is one of the best control panels I’ve seen. It’s easier to use and “flows better” than OVH’s control panel for their dedicated and VPS services.

Recently, I purchased a 1GB Cloud VPS from Ubiquity Hosting in their Chicago location to replace a Xen VPS that I was using with a “non-cloud” hosting provider. The $10 per month plan which I receive 1GB of RAM, 25GB of disk space, 1 vCPU, and 2TB of bandwidth isn’t a bad price at all. Compared to the “low end providers”, this $10/mo for what those providers sell for $3-5/mo does seem like “almost double or triple” but at this price you’re paying for a sustainable service with a reputable provider.

Who knows if your $3-5/mo per 1GB VPS provider will be around tomorrow or can handle a failure on hardware/network which seems to impact so many newer providers.

What I like about Ubiquity Hosting’s Cloud service:

  • Resources are clearly put on the page.

For example my 1GB service has 250 write IOPS, 500 read IOPS, a maximum of 300MB I/O and with network bandwidth is 1000 Mbps ingress (incoming) and 500 Mbps (outgoing) egress. How many providers can guarantee such resources? If you provide guaranteed resources, you cannot oversell and will have happier customers. This is why I’m more than satisfied “paying extra” for quality services as I do not want my cPanel DNS Only service going down because of too many impacting services on a VPS node.

This is something you will not find with a “low end” provider.

  • A custom control panel, called Motion, with tons of features.

The Motion control panel is full of amazing features. For example, I didn’t know cPanel DNS Only had a new minimum memory requirement of 768mb of RAM so my 512mb Ubiquity Hosting service didn’t have enough memory for the installation. I used the feature within the control panel to upgrade from 512mb to 1GB without any issue, which upgraded without any problem whatsoever.

There’s access to setup advanced firewall settings while in the Motion control panel including blocking or allowing of a particular protocol of traffic, such as UDP or ICMP, if you chose to do so. I haven’t played with the feature but I think it’s a sign of what you get for paying more with a feature rich service versus going with a “low end” provider running WHMCS, SolusVM and some variation of OpenVZ, KVM or Xen which other providers are doing the same thing.

With Motion, you have the ability to create load balancers between services which is something I’m interested in checking out but have not completely played with. Standby for reviews on this subject!

  • Private networking is built in!

I ordered the 1GB service and was amazed that an internal IP address was automatically assigned to the service. I wouldn’t mind setting something up where a main service in Chicago is load balanced between their Los Angeles and New Jersey locations. Some providers *can* do this while Ubiquity Hosting has this built in. I’m surprised that OVH doesn’t do this..


Granted, I’ve only had the service for a little bit less than 72 hours but I am extremely satisfied. It’s refreshing to see a company who goes beyond the SolusVM / WHMCS “same ol’ dance” and launched infrastructure built with a custom control panel that is extremely feature rich. I’ve seen too many bad looking control panels that were custom but nothing more than a layer in front of SolusVM / WHMCS that have tons of bugs and seems like it was rushed out in a hurry versus taking pride in the work in the tool you provide to your customer.

A tip of the hat to the Ubiquity Hosting team and developers for such an awesome control panel plus a very stable service so far. I trust my 100 or so websites to Ubiquity Hosting’s Cloud platform so we’ll see how she does. I don’t mind paying $10/mo for this service compared to my other DNS server being hosted on OVH’s SSD VPS service which is $3.49/mo as the Ubiquity Hosting’s features are what I would like and prefer as my backup DNS provider. If there is an issue with OVH and this SSD VPS service, I have no hesitation in cancelling the service to establish my DNS infrastructure completely on Ubiquity’s network with the features they provide.

The flexibility of the firewall which is ready for you to use through Motion is what makes Ubiquity Hosting extremely attractive to me as I hear horror stories regarding OVH “anti-DDOS Pro” which does nothing, according to what I hear, but nullroute the IP addresses during the attack.