As with VPS hosting, scripts and installers help tremendously with deploying services. Here is a collection below of popular scripts and installers I like to use.

Please note- these are not specific to VPS services so these can be ran on dedicated servers unless otherwise specified.


LAMP / LNMP stack:
LAMP is short for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. LNMP is the same thing but instead of Apache, it’s nginx as a webserver replacement.

Centmin Mod– this is an excellent LNMP stack that installs Nginx, MariaDB (100% MySQL replacement) and PHP for you plus additional stuff. I could take up this whole page praising how great Centmin Mod is. Just do yourself a favor and install it. You will not regret it. I’ve used it for years and it gets better and better.



VPN / proxy:

Hidden Refuge’s Squid installer–┬áthis is an excellent script also which I started recently using for Squid / HTTP proxy purposes as some friends are requesting proxies to bypass filtering and are getting on board with the online anonymity routine.
Installer GitHub page