RamNode Review – Update

Ramnode PerformanceI decided to put my Ramnode VPS into production by installing LibreNMS.

LibreNMS is a fork of Observium and in my opinion, better than “paid” Observium while also free.

As you can see with the stats of the bench.sh from FreeVPS, the performance on this VPS is definitely respectable and well worth your money.

Please note- with this test, I have rarely seen good performance come from Softlayer’s Washington DC location. The performance to Netherlands is slow due to this VPS being in the Northwest US at Ramnode’s Seattle location.

Ramnode is one of my favorite “go to” providers where I know I can host something of production value and not be concerned about downtime, outages or anything that could cause performance degradation. My previous Ramnode review shows excellent uptime and I never had any issues with lack of performance.