Ramnode Review – 186 Days of Uptime


Ramnode is a relatively new company by industry standards of where companies have been around 10 or more years.

This is nothing against the company as they’re making name recognition in some areas of the web hosting industry.

First, Ramnode operates their own US network and own EU network through a partner which is absolutely amazing since IPv4 is starting to end the ‘depleted’ phase where IPv4 shortages are going to happen soon.

Second, what I like the most is on the about Ramnode page, the CEO Nick even puts out his email address and encourages you to email him if there is an issue!

I am using a SSD VPS v2 plan which is 1GB of RAM, 4 CPU cores, 1 IPv4 address, a /64 IPv6, and 75GB of disk space. This is under the “Premium” section and this is $10 per month.

I am allocated 4 CPUs in this plan so let’s check out the hardware.

The CPU is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1240 v3 @ 3.40GHz which is a newer CPU.

Intel’s website says this was released Q2 of 2013. There are providers running VPS services on Intel L5420 hardware which was release Q1 of 2008 by comparison so Ramnode has some relatively new, modern hardware by “low end provider” standards. However Ramnode’s quality is far from “low end” or “budget” with the amazing amount of uptime.

I was able to benchmark once I reinstalled the OS because “stable” was left in /etc/apt/sources.list so when I did an apt-get dist-upgrade without looking, it was forced to the latest version of Debian which has some issues with rolling upgrades.

Benchmark results once I reinstalled the OS, which killed the uptime, is located here: 10/21/2015 UnixBench results for Ramnode

The US network is a blend of Black Lotus, CN Servers, NTT America, TeliaSonera, Tinet, PCCW Global, Cogent and Hurricane Electric.

Home Test:
When I ran a MTR to the main IP address of the VPS, it was handed off from my Comcast ISP network in Miami at NOTA (NOC Of The Americas) then got on NTT all the way to Seattle which is excellent as I was being told on the website that their network information is NTT. It’s not like I ran a MTR and it was 100% Cogent.

  • I checked from NTT’s LG in Miami with a 100% NTT connection from Miami to Seattle.
  • I checked from NTT’s LG in London with a 100% NTT connection from London to Seattle, with a hop in Virginia.
  • I checked Cogent’s LG in Frankfurt, which connected all the way on Cogent to Seattle, was handed off to GTT/nLayer in Seattle, then the final destination.

Network Summary:
The network is exactly what it is and not a “bait and switch” where the website says it’s a particular network carrier and you get 100% Cogent when you’re lured in by premium network carriers.

Nick and the Ramnode team run an excellent company. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!

The company is very open via social media such as on WebHostingTalk, LowEndBox and LowEndTalk. I cannot recall any issues from my memory regarding “outages” or “drama” coming from the company. They seem to be a knowledgeable company with a well thought out plan and continue to make their customers happy, loyal customers while having 4 US locations in New York City, Atlanta, Seattle and Los Angeles with the EU location of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I might talk to Nick and get some additional reviews of his services as they’re very reliable.

However I have to reinstall this VPS and kill the uptime because of the Debian rolling upgrade situation. The uptime will be deeply missed but I can also start monitoring the network from “day 1” after the reinstall to see how reliable a ‘premium VPS’ truly is by hooking up the service to my LibreNMS SNMP monitoring.