OVH SSD VPS #1 Review

OVH LogoI’ve been an OVH customer for about 6 months now.

I have used a variety of their dedicated servers and use their VPS services from time to time for being a “front face” to a project where I use the dedicated server as part of the back end. For example, I run a MariaDB server for all my SQL needs instead of multiple SQL servers on this dedicated server. I run LibreNMS on the OVH SSD VPS #1 and use my OVH dedicated server for hosting the SQL database. It’s nothing advanced but I like if the VPS goes down or is inaccessible, I’ve got the data running on another SQL server.

Later on, I’ll get replication working where the data will be replicated to Chicago in case the OVH network goes completely down.

OVH VPS SSD #1 resources and pricing.
OVH VPS SSD #1 resources and pricing.


OVH SSD VPS #1 is $3.49 per month which you receive 2GB of RAM, 1 vCore CPU, 10GB SSD and the disk runs in RAID10.

You receive 100Mbps of bandwidth (33TB of transfer per month) and the IP address is protected by Anti-DDOS Pro. The platform is OpenStack KVM.

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Pros of OVH:

  • Established provider with worldwide locations.
  • Excellent, affordable hardware.
  • One of the largest networks in North America.
  • Although in Canada, I receive respectable ping times at all hours of the day from my location thousands of miles away in the Southern United States such as under 50ms.
  • DDOS protection is included when North American providers can’t provide this without increasing price or the protection included is a relatively insignificant amount.
  • You can purchase hardware on the OVH network through OVH directly,, Kimsufi and SoYouStart at a variety of prices.
  • One time $3 per IP setup fee on additional IP addresses for dedicated servers when some providers charge $50/mo for a /24 (253 usable IP addresses) or more with the recent ARIN IPv4 exhaustion.


Cons of OVH:

  • It seems like they’re always updating their pricing or websites as you’ll think about ordering something then that option is gone.
  • 10GB SSD space, compared to other offers, seems like a low amount. I feel OVH does this to upsell their dedicated servers where you can get a brand new E5 series CPU, 32GB of RAM, and 2x2TB SoftRAID disk for $69/mo. A US based provider would start at a minimum of double that price, without the DDOS protection or outdated protection from ancient systems.
  • Support is slow so you’re paying for the cheapest, newest hardware knowing the support is lacking.
  • Billing policies aren’t as user-friendly but I’ve seen worse policies. Example- ordering a dedicated server for $109 so you’d need to order a service larger than $109/mo to get a pro-rated credit of your unused time when some providers just give you unused time.
  • Purchasing hardware through OVH,, Kimsufi and SoYouStart gets confusing with the variation of pricing, hardware and policies.