Yes VPSLIST Is Actually Back

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted but one of the original VPS review pages, VPSLIST, is coming back.

For those who may never remember, I was reviewing back when Low End Box was mostly focused on showing offers. People left their reviews in the comments, but nobody was really reviewing. was “reviewing” but it was just a weird system and layout. It was very angry, moody LowEndTalk style reviewing. Now I see that site is completely gone and hasn’t posted for years.

Low End Box was sold off from the original Low End Admin to a guy named “Chief” who did some shady stuff and ultimately did what everybody would predicted -flipped/sold the site to a commercial interest thus tainting the whole “community” that was built because it would just get cheesy like WebHostingTalk, which right now is exactly what is going on.

That interest later on ended up being “VSNX”, ultimately ColoCrossing, and all their hilarious drama and trolling on Low End Talk.

Now, Low End Box is absolutely sad. It’s all ColoCrossing resellers slickly posted with nothing intriguing, nothing innovative, almost seems like part of a marketing plan for resellers to get orders and exposure without any sales or marketing people on the reseller’s team. Just sign up for ColoCrossing and we’ll manage your servers, manage your marketing, and you just sit back.

Slick but can’t blame them. But customers need to be smarter than just slick marketing.

I will have some reviews that I can post once I figure out a new system of review for the site relaunch. I plan on an official launch on the January 1st 2019 so stay tuned for that and I’ll be regularly posting up until the official launch.

I’ve taken a career change over the past few years and it’s taken me away from doing technical work for a living. However it’s given me the break I needed when you do any kind of technical work, you have the problem of being burned out. I was burned out running this full-time and trying to find sysadmin work, then when I found sysadmin work I didn’t feel like keeping this updated.

Now I have a very predictable schedule with regular time off and vacations, like the vacation I’m enjoying right now for the next twelve days.

I just fired up a LibreNMS installation on Scaleway and have plans to regular post about it.

I find that Scaleway is best suited for LibreNMS’s resource demands and network utilization where you *may* get away with it on a lower end OpenVZ yearly offer but as any OpenVZ user knows, noisy neighbor syndrome happens when that node fills up and all the sudden your SQL load or resource intensiveness is being flagged as resource abuse.

VPSLIST was launched on Christmas 2010, so it always seems to be relaunched, tweaked or adjusted around Christmas time.

I find it interesting that the race to the bottom that Low End Box started with the $7/mo and less target, which I have nothing against, is now a race of being unsustainable with thin margins against a highly competitive market but also a market where a reseller might only last 1 – 3 years if not keep things running for 3 – 6 months.

Sadly I’m seeing the proof of this with the ridiculous offers on one, two and three year hosting offers with a company barely established that long. Are they using prepaid annual plans as fundraising for expansion and operation?

So you might ask, what am I using right now?

  • OVH dedicated server at BHS, the past 3 years.
  • Scaleway.
  • Vultr.
  • A handful of “low end” providers for semi-production stuff.

For projects where I need a competitive price, features and the availability of IP addresses – OVH is king. You can’t compete against them unless for some unforeseeable reason they start raising prices dramatically without giving value to the customer.

Scaleway is my favorite middle ground where I need more resources than a VPS but not to the point of a dedicated server.

Vultr works perfect for me for pricing on testing something and also something in semi-production, like a mail server, for my projects.

I don’t name my handful of low end providers for now but they’re no strangers to the name game if you follow the hosting industry, specifically VPS hosting and the low end market. Some are names you’ve probably used, some are names you’ve thought about using but don’t have reviews of and some you’ve probably never heard of because they’re humming along just fine with minimal marketing or trying to race to the bottom.

So stay tuned and again, my apologies for sorta walking away but at that point in your life you sometimes need to take a break, analyze your life and see what you need to do. I just needed to take a break from managing sites.

Moved The Site Over To CloudLinux

Hey everybody

Sorry about yesterday’s site interruptions but I moved the site over from a CentminMod installation to my main CloudLinux/cPanel installation.

I’ve been wanting to test the resource management that CloudLinux provides through LVE and other settings but right now, I don’t have any decent traffic websites other than the website that I have.

I just ran on a 1GB RAM VPS for awhile which had CentminMod running but it’s just something I’ve been meaning to test and need to test and never had the time to transfer or migrate the site over to my main CloudLinux/cPanel installation.

I’ve got some reviews coming up also from other companies and had a few offers come in from providers contacting me.

I’m a big fan of cPanel and also CloudLinux. If you’ve never ran both together, it’s absolutely amazing how manageable they can make a normally wild shared hosting server. Some attacks on an individual account, such as using Apache’s benchmark tool, can make the entire server absolutely crawl. With the LVE option and also other features, I’ve ran the same “attack” against the shared hosting server with it not being impacted at all when it previously almost took the shared hosting server down.

VPSLIST Update – Spring 2016

Just giving an update to everybody:

March was an extremely busy month for me and April is slowly becoming the same. Hopefully May will be a little bit relaxed.

I’ve had Host1Plus and RoseHosting reach out to have their services reviewed, which I’m working on right now. The OVH VPS #1 (scheduled to publish in about 6 hours from now), HostUS,¬†and OneProvider OneCloud reviews were recently published.

My day to day obligations are a little erratic- some days I have planned, some days are more reactionary and some days are lazy. However planned days can easily go chaotic and reactionary days could turn lazy. A nice week’s worth of doing absolutely nothing would be amazing and much needed.

A nice tropical vacation on a beach…. mmmmm…. sounds perfect.

Otherwise, I’ve got planned between now through the next summer update is a possible web site redesign/update. I don’t *mind* the current layout I’d just like it to be more user friendly and engaging versus how passive it is with the menus. My plan is to have various categories/tags come up on an easy to navigate area on the homepage where you click based on those category/tag interests versus just reading reviews.

Thank you to all the loyal VPSLIST visitors and readers.
It’s been an interesting coming up on 6 years.