OVH VPS #1 Review – Solid As A Rock

Regardless of everybody’s opinion on OVH, you can’t fault them for running a reliable and affordable service.

Yes I know about the occasional downtime at their BHS location but over the past few months after the fiber outage at BHS, it’s been pretty reliable and you can’t really go wrong with a KVM virtualized VPS for $3.49 per month that has 1 vCPU at 2.4Ghz, 2GB of RAM and 10GB SSD of local RAID10.

The only thing I could think of is if the option was available for more SATA disk space would be more attractive due to the low disk space being offered but regardless some people can make this work and some would complain about 10GB SSD not being enough.

I run LibreNMS on this OVH VPS #1 instance and it’s reliable for what I need it for.

You could use a OVH VPS #1 for the following services:

  • VPN server
  • Mail server
  • IRC / XMPP server
  • Nginx server part of a CDN service
  • DNS server part of a cPanel DNS Only cluster

Plus much much more!

Network and I/O benchmarks ran on April 25th 2016 at 0752 EST
Network and I/O benchmarks ran on April 25th 2016 at 0752 EST

The network benchmarks are acceptable.

Please note- your OVH VPS #1 is on a 100Mbps port, not a 1Gbps port or higher, so this is why the network speeds look “slow”.

I have never had any issues with the network performance due to the 100Mbps port so if you’re looking for the biggest numbers, you won’t be satisfied about this network port issue however I’ve never had an issue and regularly forget that it’s not on a 1Gbps port but it doesn’t matter to me.

I will say that using this benchmark script and the speedtest locations that OVH gets some of the best, consistent results using this benchmark script when usually Colo@’s Atlanta speed test is notorious for being the slowest and Linode’s Tokyo location providing similar results however if you look, Colo@’s speed is almost the full 100Mbps and Linode’s Tokyo speeds are very respectable considering the location from Montreal, Quebec for OVH’s BHS location connecting all the way to Tokyo, Japan.


I know I’m going to receive a lot of grief about this upcoming statement but I’m a very satisfied OVH customer.

Do I 100% agree with everything OVH does, including their pricing and policies? Of course not. I really wish the VPS services were more competitive with resources other than being low cost.

I would have no hesitation hosting something “production” on the OVH VPS #1 service however this production service would have some kind of failover such as if the OVH VPS #1 service became responsive, another production quality service with a premium provider or on a physical dedicated server was ready on standby to takeover if OVH’s BHS location is having network issues or a power outage.

Other providers aren’t doing OpenStack based KVM services with 1 vCPU and 2GB of RAM for $3.49 and most would charge $5 – $8 per month for such resources if they could even come close enough to that price. If it was OpenVZ, which you can oversell, they could easily do it. However KVM is reliable and solid, which OpenVZ is also if it’s not oversold.

OVH SSD VPS #1 Review

OVH LogoI’ve been an OVH customer for about 6 months now.

I have used a variety of their dedicated servers and use their VPS services from time to time for being a “front face” to a project where I use the dedicated server as part of the back end. For example, I run a MariaDB server for all my SQL needs instead of multiple SQL servers on this dedicated server. I run LibreNMS on the OVH SSD VPS #1 and use my OVH dedicated server for hosting the SQL database. It’s nothing advanced but I like if the VPS goes down or is inaccessible, I’ve got the data running on another SQL server.

Later on, I’ll get replication working where the data will be replicated to Chicago in case the OVH network goes completely down.
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