CableChief Review – Utah VPS Hosting

That’s right… VPS hosting in Ogden, Utah.

I reached out to CableChief and their sales team quickly responded regarding an interest in having their service reviewed. The price is extremely affordable and the unique location of Ogden, Utah is very interesting!

Servers are powered by Intel Xeon L5630 processors running at 2.13GHz and the servers are connected to 1Gbps uplinks. According to details I found online, CableChief is using Gorilla Server’s network and the Ogden, Utah network has the following network capacity: 10Gbps Cogent, 10Gbps GTT, 10Gbps Zayo and 10Gbps Ace Datacenters to give the Utah location over 40Gbps of connectivity.

Speedtests using Softlayer all show excellent connectivity and speed tests to Tokyo, Singapore and Netherlands all show above average connectivity compared to other providers.

CableChief looks promising with their uptime guarantee of 99.9% as your typical “new providers” don’t provide such guarantees or make it sound unrealistic. However I feel this shows the experience behind the company which they explain on their website.

I’m adding in the CableChief VPS into my LibreNMS monitoring to keep a close eye on it during this 30 day review and will have an update for you in the next 5 – 7 days regarding the performance of this service. I’m eager to report back details because of the Utah location which is a great alternative to Seattle, Las Vegas and Phoenix when Los Angeles is the main “west coast” location for hosting providers.