Host1Plus Review Update – 14 Days Solid As A Rock

Network graph for the Chicago VPS provided by Host1Plus
Network graph for the Chicago VPS provided by Host1Plus

Hello everybody!

Just an update on the Host1Plus review from earlier, the service is running smooth and zero interruptions according to my network monitoring LibreNMS (Observium fork) monitoring. There’s a slight gap in the reporting but at the time, the OVH VPS where I host LibreNMS on had a super small outage.

Uptime: 14 days, 11h 51m 57s

The server is located in Chicago and runs great. I’ve had no complaints so far and I’ve been very please with the performance. For the price, you cannot go wrong with choosing Host1Plus over other Chicago VPS options.

Host1Plus Review – OpenVZ VPS Hosting


The team at Host1Plus contacted me regarding a review.

According to their VPS packages page on their website, they have locations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Frankfurt (Germany), Sao Paulo (Brazil) and Johannesburg (South Africa). The locations in Frankfurt, Sao Paulo and Johannesburg are very attractive as there was once a large amount of German VPS locations but lately it seems like it’s mainly UK or France these days. I can’t really think of any other Brazil or South Africa VPS locations.

Their website is one of the best looking websites I’ve seen in awhile- it’s quick and to the point, the color layout is very pleasing to the eye and it’s very responsive.

The plans start out at $2/mo for their “Amber” plan which is 512mb of RAM, 0.5 CPU core, 20GB of disk space and 500GB of bandwidth. The virtualization is OpenVZ.

The review VPS the sales team provided me is in their Chicago location and so far, everything seems great. I hooked up the Chicago VPS they provided to my LibreNMS installation so I can monitor it for a few days as I write this review.

I would like to thank the sales team for provisioning the VPS and deploying it very quickly so I can do this review. So far, with some minor benchmarking, the service is well worth the very affordable cost.