OneProvider – VIA Nano 2GB RAM Paris France Hardware Review

I admit that the 7EUR/mo VIA Nano 2GB RAM offer from OneProvider was too tempting to pass up so I went ahead and ordered one.

OneProvider offers tons of hardware options at a variety of prices, including as low as 7EUR/mo in Paris, so I signed up. OneProvider has an interesting ID verification system, which all customers must complete, where you do an “ID verification selfie” holding your driver’s license and credit card if you paid with a credit card.

I was going to grumble and let the 48 hour requirement expire so I could receive a refund but honestly, I needed the OneProvider services for an upcoming project so I decided to proceed with the service activation. I both have OneProvider and a server with Online SAS, so I’m going to put them ‘head to head’ against each other as OneProvider is cheaper while Online SAS has one-time setup fees that are steep. I’m more familiar with Online SAS and have no real reason to leave them at anytime however getting 2 servers for the price of one Online Dedibox XC is appealing.
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