HostUS One Year Review

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I’ve been a customer for over a year with HostUS and currently have five active 768mb OpenVZ services with them.

Let me go ahead and say that I’m absolutely 100% satisfied with their services over the past year.

I use 3 of those 5 services for a cPanel DNS Only cluster which has worked absolutely great. This cluster is used for my primary cPanel server for my customers. If I had any issues with the cluster, it would impact my customers and my websites which it did not.

#1. The price

I believe the $16/year cost is a great value while some don’t think it’s cheap enough or enough resources for that $16/year value. If you look, there are some providers still selling 128mb OpenVZ services for $15/year so value isn’t necessarily the same thing to different people. Some people want loads of resources at an unsustainable price to the provider and those types of users will find themselves screaming “scam!” when a provider goes under because they took continuous losses.

3 of my 5 services, which are used in the DNS cluster, were purchased when the service was $12/year and I’m grandfathered into that pricing. However I do have a service which is $16/year and I’m absolutely fine with it.

Ironically, it seems the “low end” mindset customer wants 8GB of RAM, dedicated CPUs, 500GB of disk space, a dedicated 1 Gbps port and wants all of this under $7 per month. This absolutely, positively will not happen under current conditions and if anybody is offering such a service proceed with complete caution and don’t prepay.

Conclusion: a great value and the customer is pro-active in providing a great value while staying in business with a sustainable business model.

#2 The support

Jack and Leo run the HostUS ship through the support very well and I haven’t had an issue or question that both of them were unable to answer.

I haven’t really had any demand for support except one of my services, which is a LibreNMS install, was going crazy with SQL load. Changing the local SQL to a remote SQL installation decreased the SQL load considerably and I haven’t had any issues with a high load created from LibreNMS.

Conclusion: it’s been uneventful at HostUS which is an absolutely great thing and I’m a very satisfied customer with the support.

#3 The network

The network with HostUS is a great network with DDOS protection built into most of the locations. My locations are Los Angeles, Dallas and Washington DC (Ashburn, VA).

The speedtest from my ns1 / Los Angeles service:

HostUS NS1/LA Speedtest
HostUS NS1/LA Speedtest

The speedtest from my ns2 / Dallas service:

HostUS NS2 / Dallas Speedtest
HostUS NS2 / Dallas Speedtest

The speedtest from my NS3 / Washington DC (Ashburn VA) location

HostUS NS3 / Washington DC (Ashburn, VA) Speedtest
HostUS NS3 / Washington DC (Ashburn, VA) Speedtest

Conclusion: while a customer shouldn’t expect these speeds to be guaranteed or dedicated to them, this provides what to expect with the provider. With some providers, I’m absolutely fine with 1M/s or 10M/s as long as it’s reliable. I’ve never had any speed issues, network issues or network outages with HostUS.

Final words:

The VPS hosting industry is extremely competitive right now with major providers, providers who are growing, and providers who are starting out. There are also providers who are just sitting in the middle of the ocean with their sail up and no wind pushing them in any direction.

HostUS is a provider who is growing and opening new locations across the globe.

For example, their presence in Sydney (Australia), Singapore and Hong Kong speak volumes when a lot of providers can’t or won’t touch the Southeast Asia facilities because of pricing or being unable to sustain the location.

HostUS has 3 locations in Southeast Asia, 4 US locations and a EU location in London, UK. They’ve got most of the common locations covered.

I think 2017 is going to be very competitive for everybody with the upcoming IPv4 exhaustion and IPv4 blocks being shuffled around, unsustainable VPS companies going out of business, companies acquiring other companies which is very common (and sometimes unknown to the customer), and much more as network capacity increases while hardware costs decrease.

I feel comfortable with all of this going on with being a customer at HostUS. I feel that Alexander and the HostUS support team have everything covered for me while I focus on my customer’s websites.