Hostodo Review Update – 100% Uptime But Don’t Use Them In 2018


Just an update about my Hostodo Los Angeles VPS, I have the following uptime:

Uptime 21 days, 6h 1m 46s

I’m very satisfied and looking at the network graph of LibreNMS, I don’t see any interruption of the reporting. My initial post is located here for Hostodo.

100% uninterrupted uptime with my Hostodo LA VPS service.
100% uninterrupted uptime with my Hostodo LA VPS service.

For $7/mo you receive 2GB of RAM, 120GB of disk space, 1 IPv4 address, 4 TB of bandwidth and 6 shared CPUs. The CPUs are Intel Xeon E3-1241v3 @ 3.5Ghz and 8mb cache.

For their Los Angeles VPS location, there is an option for an “Asian optimized IP address” which will get better connectivity to Southeast Asian customers or traffic. Many Los Angeles VPS providers offer such optimized IP addresses which better handle the network issues of Southeast Asia, specifically China, which is known to constantly change with the issues with GFW (China’s Great Firewall)

Hostodo also has services in Miami, Florida and also Dallas, Texas on top of their Los Angeles, California location so the company has your major US locations covered. I like seeing a Miami location because Miami is becoming less common as some providers have pulled out of Miami or completely stop using Miami such as when ServerAxis packed up all their equipment and moved to Chicago, leaving a lot of Miami based providers with little or no notification on the move.

I am very satisfied with the performance of the service because 6 shared CPU cores for $7 with 2GB of RAM and 120GB of disk space is an excellent deal for a Los Angeles OpenVZ VPS.

In the next coming days, I’ll upload a benchmark even when I don’t really care for benchmarks because they provide an unreasonable expectation to a lot of inexperienced users who just chase after the biggest number.

One day’s performance isn’t necessarily the same the next day when resources are shared with OpenVZ and the churn of customers coming in then leaving the service. I’ve heard that 30% churn/turnover is a reasonable expectation monthly so.

November, 16th 2018 Edit:

I do not recommend Hostodo at all.

They offer services in Miami but when you order the service, its delivered on a broken node where reinstalls are not working. I tried for over 3 days to resolve the issue with support, got no progress, and finally opened up a dispute.

It’s sad and goes to show that a company can do really good within the first few years then all the sudden, just mysteriously collapse providing subpar service and basically just looking for customers who tolerate what little they provide when there are way more options available to the general public.