HostUS Review – London, UK VPS Hosting

There’s a limited amount of London, UK VPS hosting offers so when I see one I’ll pick one up which is the case with the offer from HostUS.

The offer was 768mb RAM/vSwap, 1 vCPU, 20GB and 2TB transfer on a 1Gbit/s port and 1 IPv4 for only $2 per month. For 50 cents more, at $2.50/mo, you could get London UK on a 10Gbps port. The best deal is prepaid annual payment in London is $17 per year. With the attractive offer, I went ahead and picked up the $17 per year offer in London.

So far, the service is extremely reliable and just a warning for anybody in a rush- there might be a delay in provisioning as the ordering is not automatic however it is quicker than a 24 hour delay. I would place an order, wait a few hours, contact support and my service was definitely activated within 12 hours.

The server has been up almost 5 days and the CPU isĀ Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2660 v3 @ 2.60GHz which I get 1.2Ghz and there’s no issue with performance or the VPS feeling like it’s underpowered as the Intel Xeon E5 series is more modern especially being a v3 compared to some VPS providers using E3 based Xeon processors or even older Xeon L series hardware.

On a Cachefly speed test, I received about 325Mbps on this 10Gbps port which is fine with me as with the timezone I’m more in an “off peak” timezone and the London, UK server could be facing “peak” time as it would be almost 12:40 in the afternoon in London.

When connected via OpenVPN, I receive about 5Mbps in both directions on the Speed Test website. Your results might vary depending on your location and network connectivity but I have received reliable 5Mbps back and forth with other friends who tested receiving similar results. Compared to Paris, France and Online SAS- OnlineSAS is slightly faster but is not a prepaid annually option like HostUS.

Conclusion- so far so good with HostUS. I purchased a Los Angeles service for $11 per year and purchased the $17 per year London UK service after being extremely satisfied in Los Angeles. HostUS has hosting in Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington DC and Atlanta in the United States and London, UK in Europe.

I monitor the service with LibreNMS and also NixStats where I’ve had zero interruption/downtime with the London, UK and Los Angeles, CA services offered by HostUS. You will not be disappointed.