HostUS One Year Review

I’ve been a customer for over a year with HostUS and currently have five active 768mb OpenVZ services with them.

Let me go ahead and say that I’m absolutely 100% satisfied with their services over the past year.

I use 3 of those 5 services for a cPanel DNS Only cluster which has worked absolutely great. This cluster is used for my primary cPanel server for my customers. If I had any issues with the cluster, it would impact my customers and my websites which it did not.

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HostUS Review Update

I’m not posting this to beat up on HostUS, as many accuse our page of being “too soft” on providers. However I had my “first issue” with HostUS over the past 24 hours.

One of their LA nodes was having an issue and was rebooting. I opened a support ticket which Leo answered very quickly considering HostUS being in the “low end” crowd regarding VPS hosting services. I was receiving cPanel Monitoring emails about services for this cPanel DNS Only VPS failing, then recovering and I decided to login to investigate.

The uptime was low, about an hour total, and a few reboots occurred when I was logged in.

I logged in, checked with the “last” command and indeed the service was reboot. I checked my processes and network traffic, didn’t see anything weird, as I was possibly thinking I could have a compromise such as DDOS attacks or something CPU intensive running. Nothing was giving me the indication of this so I opened up a ticket with HostUS after exhausting everything from the self-managed side that I could.

Like I said, Leo responded very quickly and later on Andrew followed up with me to say the issue was finally resolved. This is what I call A+ service for such an amazingly affordable service with such reliability and backed with such great support. Granted some would say there should be no downtime but I’m reasonable and I understand what I pay for.

HostUS Review – Solid Uptime In London

HostUS is one of my favorite, “go to” hosting providers.

I’ve been a fan of their 768mb VPS plans in their locations which have 1 CPU, 768mb RAM, 20GB of disk space and 2TB of transfer per month. The price has changed since it was initially offered but the $11 – $12/year cost is now up to $16/year which is still a great price. It’s not a great price for those seeking sub-$15/year plans however you can’t make everybody happy.

The 768mb VPS plans are perfect for private VPN servers, web servers, small clusters like DIY CDNs, and even cPanel DNS Only clusters which I use the service for on the US locations. I currently use this London UK service for an OpenVPN installation. I run an LibreNMS instance on one of the 768mb services. I have 6 active 768mb VPS plans with HostUS and I’m extremely satisfied.

HostUS London location showing the uninterrupted network transfers
HostUS London location showing the uninterrupted network transfers

As you can see on the 30 days of graphs above, there has been no interruption in the network uptime of the VPS at their London, UK location. I am extremely satisfied and was hesitant at first to get the location but the location hasn’t failed me in my decision to go with it.

The VPS is powered by a Intel Xeon E3-1270v5 CPU running at 3.6Ghz which is a very powerful and new (by hosting industry standards) CPU compared to some of the older 1230s and 1270s being used by other companies. For a 768mb VPS, 1 CPU is more than enough for what you’re trying to reasonably do.

With my LibreNMS monitoring, I can see the service uses minimal hardware and network resources. This service just idles until I need to login to use the VPN. The service just runs so smoothly that the only downtime I experienced was seeing network alerts regarding flapping when HostUS was having some issues with denial of service attacks the past few weeks but it never impacted my experience. It seems that a lot of hosting companies, data centers and network carriers are experiencing some large denial of service attacks lately with some suggesting that somebody/something is possibly ‘testing’ the Internet out for weaknesses.


You cannot go wrong with choosing HostUS for your hosting needs.

I’ve been with new and established providers over the past 6 years but have closely been watching HostUS establish themselves then expand into new locations that are the same quality that their customers expect. HostUS has locations in the US, the London location but also Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong which these three locations are rare for most providers let alone having all three locations as a provider would have one of the three as Southeast Asian locations have their different operating costs which can add additional costs to hosting in those areas.

HostUS Review – My cPanel DNS Only Cluster

I’ve been a HostUS customer since December 2015 with their $10/year and $12/year 768mb RAM OpenVZ plans.

I have services in Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington DC (Ashburn, VA) and London, UK. I can’t really say I have one location preference over another but I will say all four of these locations are solid. I even have a monthly VPS in Atlanta which I’ve been extremely satisfied with that I use as a VPN.

LibreNMS graph from the LA DNS server
LibreNMS graph from the LA DNS server

The Los Angeles location has over 39 days of uptime since I deployed the cPanel DNS only software on the service. This service is located in Psychz’s LA location. The network at this location is DDOS protected and 20Gbps of complimentary DDOS protection is offered at no additional price when you sign up.

LibreNMS graph from the Dallas DNS server
LibreNMS graph from the Dallas DNS server

The Dallas location has over 39 days of uptime since I deployed the cPanel DNS only software on the service. This service is located in Psychz’s Dallas location. The network at this location is DDOS protected and 20Gbps of complimentary DDOS protection is offered at no additional price when you sign up.

LibreNMS graph from the WDC DNS server
LibreNMS graph from the WDC DNS server

The Washington, DC (Ashburn, VA) location has over 39 days of uptime since I deployed the cPanel DNS only software on the service. This service is located in Psychz’s Ashburn, VA location. The network at this location is DDOS protected and 20Gbps of complimentary DDOS protection is offered at no additional price when you sign up.

As you can see with the graphs, where the LibreNMS installation is running on an OVH VPS #1 instance, that the network with HostUS is reliable with only one network gap in the Los Angeles graphs over the 39 days of the DNS cluster running.

The low cost of running this DNS cluster is what attracts me to the service.

For $12/year for the Los Angeles, Dallas and Ashburn location you cannot beat $36 per year for running a DNS cluster in the United States especially with how reliable it is. I know there are some providers offering similar or more generous resources for less than $12/year but with this you get the 768mb of RAM, 2TB of network transfer on a 1Gbps port and the 20Gbps free DDOS protection in the Psychz locations of Los Angeles, Dallas and Ashburn.

Some providers only offer DDOS protection in the location they have it at but HostUS provides it at all their US locations. The only exception that I know of is there is a Dallas #1 and Dallas #2 location, with one of the locations not having Psychz protection, so if it’s required you can add it to the order notes and/or open up a sales ticket when you submit your order stating that you need the Dallas DDOS protection on Psychz’s network otherwise there is a possibility that you won’t get the deployment in that location.

If running DNS isn’t your thing, you could easily host static files with a type of content delivery network (CDN) using nginx, rsync and the generous 20GB disk space provided on each service. Maybe toss in some free Rage4 geolocated DNS for good measure.. there’s tons of potential and not much limitation with the resources except the limitations of your imagination.


I am very satisfied with Alexander’s service he offers with HostUS.

The technical support is responsive for what you are paying for- you’re not going to get top premium support at this monthly price but I’ve had response/resolution times that I felt were very adequate and sometimes it’s been faster than “better known” providers. I think customers who complain about technical support might not understand to explain, in detail, the issue and submit the ticket but submit a vague issue, add in the support ticket delay, then complain that it’s taking too long.

However I’ve filed 6 tickets in my client area- 3 tickets wondering about activation, one ticket requesting sys_time to be enabled so I can use NTP on the DNS cluster to set the system time, the outage at the UK location which they moved to another UK facility in response to the DDOS attacks, and a ticket wondering about the Dallas DDOS protection.

With just 6 tickets filed, I would say HostUS is definitely smooth sailing and an enjoyable experience.

I have LibreNMS installed so I can easily see if I have any network/connectivity issues which I have none. There was that minor outage in Los Angeles but the third party monitoring I use on top of my LibreNMS installation didn’t indicate anything so I figured it was some temporary network connectivity issue with HostUS in Los Angeles and OVH VPS #1 at the BHS location.

HostUS Review – London, UK VPS Hosting

There’s a limited amount of London, UK VPS hosting offers so when I see one I’ll pick one up which is the case with the offer from HostUS.

The offer was 768mb RAM/vSwap, 1 vCPU, 20GB and 2TB transfer on a 1Gbit/s port and 1 IPv4 for only $2 per month. For 50 cents more, at $2.50/mo, you could get London UK on a 10Gbps port. The best deal is prepaid annual payment in London is $17 per year. With the attractive offer, I went ahead and picked up the $17 per year offer in London.

So far, the service is extremely reliable and just a warning for anybody in a rush- there might be a delay in provisioning as the ordering is not automatic however it is quicker than a 24 hour delay. I would place an order, wait a few hours, contact support and my service was definitely activated within 12 hours.

The server has been up almost 5 days and the CPU is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2660 v3 @ 2.60GHz which I get 1.2Ghz and there’s no issue with performance or the VPS feeling like it’s underpowered as the Intel Xeon E5 series is more modern especially being a v3 compared to some VPS providers using E3 based Xeon processors or even older Xeon L series hardware.

On a Cachefly speed test, I received about 325Mbps on this 10Gbps port which is fine with me as with the timezone I’m more in an “off peak” timezone and the London, UK server could be facing “peak” time as it would be almost 12:40 in the afternoon in London.

When connected via OpenVPN, I receive about 5Mbps in both directions on the Speed Test website. Your results might vary depending on your location and network connectivity but I have received reliable 5Mbps back and forth with other friends who tested receiving similar results. Compared to Paris, France and Online SAS- OnlineSAS is slightly faster but is not a prepaid annually option like HostUS.

Conclusion- so far so good with HostUS. I purchased a Los Angeles service for $11 per year and purchased the $17 per year London UK service after being extremely satisfied in Los Angeles. HostUS has hosting in Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington DC and Atlanta in the United States and London, UK in Europe.

I monitor the service with LibreNMS and also NixStats where I’ve had zero interruption/downtime with the London, UK and Los Angeles, CA services offered by HostUS. You will not be disappointed.