Linux VPS is popular because it can do a lot of things, whether it’s building a website or developing an application. VPS hosting is non-stop and can be operated at any time, so many people have started using it, which has greatly improved the efficiency of development.

If you are looking for a Ubuntu VPS server, then I will introduce you to a few Ubuntu VPS providers that you can choose from.

LightNode provides KVM VPS. For the new users, they can get up to $20 for their first recharge, which means you can use free VPS for at least 2 months. LightNode has more than 24 data centers around the world.

  • Full root access
  • Billing methods: Hourly billing
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, Alipay
  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, Windows, Rocky Linux
1250GB SSD1TB$7.7/mo
2450GB SSD1TB$13.7/mo
4850GB SSD2TB$26.7/mo
81650GB SSD2TB$50.7/mo
163250GB SSD2TB$98.7/mo
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The Cloudzy story begins with a young entrepreneur and developer looking to start a business matching his talents. Hannan had gotten skilled in Virtual Machine technology, so that would have to be a part of it.

  • Billing methods: Monthly  billing
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin, Perfect Money
  • Operating system: CentOS, FreeBSD, AlmaLinux, Ubuntu, Rocky Linux, Debian, Fedora, openSUSE
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OVHCloud, as Europe’s leading cloud provider, they deliver public and private cloud products, shared hosting and dedicated server solutions in 140 countries worldwide. They also offer domain name registration, telephony services and internet access to their customers.

  • Billing methods: Montly billing
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Prepaid account
  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux
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Jinet VPS Usually used to build that blog. If you want to start a blog, you can consider Jinet VPS.

  • Billing methods: Monthly billing
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, Paypal
  • Operating system: Linux
10.5GB5GB SSD1TB$18/mo
21GB10GB SSD2TB$35/mo
22GB20GB SSD3TB$80/mo
44GB60GB SSD4TB$120/mo
46GB100GB SSD5TB$200/mo
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A Virtual Private Server (VPS) technology that splits a physical server into multiple virtual servers with dedicated resources and operating systems. I highly recommend using the Linux distribution Ubuntu server which has graphical user interface because it is known to have a lot of free and open source software with many developers maintaining these software. Additionally, Ubuntu cloud hosting is easy to use for remote access and you can connect to an Ubuntu desktop environment via Remote Desktop connection.

With Unmanaged VPS hosting services, the VPS hosting provider usually gives you a primitive VPS configuration at the beginning and you have to install the operating system and related software yourself. The VPS hosting provider’s customer service is only responsible for the hardware maintenance of the VPS. With unmanaged VPS hosting services, the hosting provider does not provide technical support or maintenance. This means that you are responsible for all the usual VPS hosting server maintenance, which includes operating system and security software program updates… etc. So you will have to deal with any technical problems yourself. Such as restarting the server, setting up the VPS hosting, installing the database, installing the FTP server, etc.

With Managed VPS Hosting, the VPS hosting provider’s customer service will take care of all major VPS server management services, which include hosting server hardware maintenance, hosting operating system and system software updates, server restart, installation of software and program services that are generally commonly used in a VPS hosting environment, etc.

Most VPS hosts, whether Unmanaged VPS or Managed VPS, do not get involved in website level programming and software development, nor do they provide technical support for third party software. You will usually need to maintain your own website and installed software, and the VPS hosting provider will only be responsible for technical support at the hosting server level. Some VPS hosts charge only slightly more for Managed VPS hosting than for Unmanaged VPS hosting, but some VPS hosts often have a difference in cost between “managed” and “unmanaged” VPS hosting services hundreds of dollars per month. So it is important to check the price difference before considering Unmanaged VPS or Managed VPS services.

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