If you are going to do cross-border TikTok, then you better need a dedicated TikTok VPS.

So why do we want to do cross-border TikTok, can’t we just do our own TikTok?

This involves a knowledge of poor information.

Many categories of TikTok have fierce local competition. Many people are making similar videos, and TikTok’s traffic pool in each category is relatively fixed. The more people who do it, the more traffic each person gets. At this time, we need to play the function of poor information, and we can go to other countries to see the market of the same category Environment, if there is no one doing this category in one place, then we can do TikTok in that place. In this way, we have a natural advantage. We can refer to better videos made locally, and then publish them to the target country after creation. In this way, the information difference between regions is generated, so that the competition of the video is significantly improved.

How do we do TikTok in other countries?

If you have determined that you want to do TikTok in other countries, then you better need a local TikTok VPS. VPS can help you simulate the local network environment and make your TikTok account look like it is local, then Why do you want to do this, because TikTok has an algorithm, it will push relevant content to you according to the network environment and device environment where you use TikTok, and will also push your content to relevant users, so simulation The network environment is very important. You don’t want you to be a TikTok in Southeast Asia, and then the system will always push you videos and users in the Middle East. And a dedicated VPS can give you a dedicated IP address, others will not Occupy this IP address, in this way, your account will be in a relatively stable network environment, and it is not easy to be restricted or blocked.

What are the requirements for a TikTok VPS?

A good TikTok VPS needs to have stability, and the speed needs to be fast enough, because the fast speed will load the video faster; the VPS also needs to be able to correctly identify the local IP address, otherwise it is easy to be throttled. Next I will I will introduce you to several VPS, these are relatively good manufacturers, and some have been tested.

LightNode provides KVM VPS. For the new users, they can get up to $20 for their first recharge, which means you can use free VPS for at least 2 months. LightNode has more than 24 data centers around the world. I’m sure you can find out the location you want.

  • Full root access
  • Billing methods: Hourly billing
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, Alipay
  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, Windows, Rocky Linux
1250GB SSD1TB$7.7/mo
2450GB SSD1TB$13.7/mo
4850GB SSD2TB$26.7/mo
81650GB SSD2TB$50.7/mo
163250GB SSD2TB$98.7/mo
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The VPSServer company is dedicated to delivering nothing but the best VPS services with high performance to every client. However, Their services don’t end there; THEY have created platforms that help them to communicate with each other.

  • 7-day trial
  • Billing methods: Montly billing
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Bitcoin
  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian
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OVHCloud, as Europe’s leading cloud provider, they deliver public and private cloud products, shared hosting and dedicated server solutions in 140 countries worldwide. They also offer domain name registration, telephony services and internet access to their customers.

  • Billing methods: Montly billing
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Prepaid account
  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux
  • Data centers: Canada, Sydney, Singapore, Strasbourg, Gravelines, Warsaw, Frankfurt, London
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BlueServers is quite successfully working with different companies and helps them to achieve their success in the hosting business.

  • Billing methods: Monthly billing
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, Alipay, Crypto, PayPal, Payeer, Bank Transfer
  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited bandwidth
  • Data centers: Netherlands, England, Sweden, Poland, Cyprus, Estonia, Israel
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VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, is a virtual server which is also called cloud VPS, and is a premium service that splits a server into multiple virtual private servers. Each vps can be allocated an independent public IP address, independent operating system, independent large  disk space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution of programs and independent system configuration. In addition to being able to allocate multiple virtual hosts and unlimited enterprise mailboxes, users can also have independent server functions, install their own programs and restart their servers individually. The best choice for high-end web hosting users.

A dedicated server is a dedicated physical hosting resource that is exclusively available to users. You can create a cloud server on your Dedicated Host to meet your higher requirements for isolation, security and performance. At the same time, you can continue to use the same server-side software licences you had before migration when you migrate your business to a dedicated host, i.e. you can support self-contained licences to save money and increase autonomy over your cloud servers.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting in which a service provider serves web pages to multiple websites from a single web server, each with its own Internet domain name.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting in which a service provider serves web pages from a web server to multiple websites, each with its own Internet domain name. Most web hosting companies offer shared hosting. Although shared hosting is a less expensive way for businesses to create a web presence, it usually does not cater for high volume websites. These sites require a dedicated web server provided by a web hosting service or maintained in-house.

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