CatalystHost Review – Dallas Texas VPS Hosting


This is one of my first reviews after the Hurricane Matthew situation. I have 2 active CatalystHost services with their 1 vCPU, 256mb RAM, 10GB disk, and 333TB bandwidth plan which is an amazing $12 per year.

What makes this an even greater value is the service is on a 1 Gbps or greater connection so you receive excellent speeds with this service when you do speedtesting. Both of my services are on the “Dallas Two” node and according to my LibreNMS monitoring setup, I have not received any downtime or gaps in the snmp based monitoring.

CatalystHost review speedtest
An example of the speedtest from Cachefly for CatalystHost. Blazing fast.

I ordered one service awhile back and the latest one recently so the uptime is 205 days with the oldest service ordered and 35 days with the recent service. 200+ day or longer uptime on OpenVZ services is unheard of by “low end” industry standards.

I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the service which is why I will continue to renew the services. By comparison, for slightly more per year, I can get a HostUS service with 768mb RAM and less bandwidth in a Dallas location also. However the network connection with CatalystHost is blazing fast as you can see with the speedtest above.

CatalystHost Support:

With CatalystHost, the service is reliable with unmanaged support so in the past 6-7 months with being a customer of the company I’ve only had to file one ticket.

The ticket was with the new service I ordered was giving me an error when I attempted to set reverse DNS. I’m assuming when I signed up for the second account, I added something in a username field which “didn’t link the services under my account” and gave me the error. I fiddled with it for some time and after 10-15 minutes I figured I exhausted my attempts.

I filed a ticket and Ryan, the owner, responded. I even clearly provided the record I was adding in the ticket thinking maybe there was a known issue or the technical support would set it then send me on my way. With my experience in technical support, you have to do it but balance out that you’re not spoonfeeding customers who expect this to be done when the service is unmanaged but the client area provided what most customers need to self-manage their service.

When Ryan responded, he explained how to do it and there was some back and forth where eventually at the end he figured out the services weren’t under my account. The back and forth could had been easily macro’d or added into a knowledgebase article as I can see this being an issue with people ordering more than one service.

I’m not disappointed at the support, it’s just I think this known issue could be documented better to prevent unnecessary tickets and allow smoother operation.


CatalystHost is an excellent service with their 256mb RAM / 333TB bandwidth OpenVZ service in Dallas, Texas for $12/year. The excellent uptime and awesome network connectivity make this an excellent value for any high bandwidth uses. The CatalystHost team are active on forums like LowEndTalk and are well reviewed so you cannot go wrong as far as I’m concerned with choosing this company for your VPS hosting needs.

I mean who doesn’t have the budget of $1 per month prepaid for a year?

I don’t think I could spend $12 in a bar so it’s definitely within most people’s budget. However you must know this is completely self-managed so if you’re trying to do something where it’s possibly not enough memory you’ll have an issue if you request support. I knew this signing up and have been extremely satisfied with the performance, reliability, stability and value of this service.