BudgetVM Review – 242 Days Uptime in Dallas, Texas

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I know there’s not many Xen VPS reviews, but I found an “old” Xen VPS that I almost forgot about with BudgetVM located in Dallas, Texas.┬áThe specs aren’t exactly the highest end specs on most VPS services but at one time, I was using the service as a cPanel DNS Only server for a cPanel DNS cluster.

BudgetVM has an excellent location in Dallas and I cannot recall any network interruptions recently as I do monitor all of my VPS services from both a LibreNMS installation and also from NixStats also.

Dallas Xen VPS hosting is starting to become rarer with providers now offering Dallas KVM services but if you’re looking for a Xen VPS in Dallas, you’ll be fine with choosing BudgetVM.

The 512mb annual plan I am using is $35 per year, which by the industry’s standards of 512mb prepaid annually services is slightly “more expensive” by comparing numbers however BudgetVM’s reliability in Dallas cannot be outdone by lesser offerings in ColoCrossing or another provider’s offers in Dallas, Texas. 242 days without a reboot is saying a lot when heavily packed VPS nodes can reboot weekly or monthly with other providers.

Why would you take a risk in quality of your service by saving $10 unnecessarily when that savings equates to regular and sporadic downtime?

I’ve been a customer of BudgetVM for years and always choose BudgetVM’s VPS services when I need something both affordable and also reliable.

Some specs from the FreeVPS benchmark script:

Location Provider Speed
CDN Cachefly 57.5MB/s

Atlanta, GA, US Coloat 71.9MB/s
Dallas, TX, US Softlayer 97.7MB/s
Seattle, WA, US Softlayer 37.5MB/s
San Jose, CA, US Softlayer 47.6MB/s
Washington, DC, US Softlayer 48.0MB/s

Tokyo, Japan Linode 15.3MB/s
Singapore Softlayer 8.91MB/s

Rotterdam, Netherlands id3.net 3.31MB/s
Haarlem, Netherlands Leaseweb 88.9MB/s
Disk Speed
I/O (1st run) : 387 MB/s
I/O (2nd run) : 483 MB/s
I/O (3rd run) : 494 MB/s
Average I/O : 454.667 MB/s


As you can see, these are some excellent benchmarks of the network speed and disk speed.

I’m not fanatical over benchmarks as this could change at anytime, with the network improving or degrading, as right now “off peak” could apply within the United States in the early evening. I’m very pleased with the network connectivity to Leaseweb in Haarlem, Netherlands also. Anything within the US on the Softlayer network gets excellent connectivity also which is great as Softlayer is a major infrastructure provider.

If you’re looking for an established provider who sells an excellent product at a competitive price, go with BudgetVM. If you think BudgetVM is too expensive, you could very easily find a lower quality service for much cheaper by looking around for these new providers who start up and shutdown or get sold multiple times to different holding companies.

The company was founded in 2005 and 11 years later, is still in business when most “new” providers cannot last more than 12 – 18 months.