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Howdy folks, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a review online.

I’ve been using a BudgetVM cloud server for a Plex server in an attempt to keep a Plex server under $50/mo. Yes I know I could get a “budget” dedicated server but the CPUs are old and most of the “budget” providers now are doing everything “pre-configured” which means no changes on hardware at all.

The cloud server I chose was the Xeon E3-1270 2x 3.5 Ghz CPUs with 8GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB disk space, and 10TB on a 100 Mbps port which inclues 1 Gbps / 500k PPS of DDOS protection for $39/mo. This is available in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami. I chose the Chicago location.

Deployment was instant and I received my information very quickly. I had one issue making a change and when I contacted support, I received a response in less than 10 minutes from Tom who is one of their helpful technical support staff.

BudgetVM has a centralized portal, versus other providers with WHMCS based management, and the portal is extremely easy to use. The portal also offers reseller access and a white labeled portal domain for your reseller customers to login to manage their service.

BudgetVM Cloud Server CPU

As you can see with the Plex usage, the CPU varies. The spikes are generally done from running the unrarall script which extracts files and runs various clean up scripts such as removing sample files. However the CPU usage after the spikes on that graph on the far right shows during normal usage. I checked PlexPy¬†which is an awesome tool for any Plex administrator and see that 3 current users are watching videos with low CPU usage. According to the stats, there was 3 transcodes done at the same time done on Monday at 2215 EST and the CPU didn’t get high at all.

I have over 70 users on this Plex server where 5 – 10 users at a given time will stream something but since I’m cutting back on the server, there’s less users and I just keep whats new on the server then delete it after a certain amount of time.

The pros of the BudgetVM cloud server is dedicated, guaranteed resources and low density on the node.

I’m very familiar with VPS hosting and have seen many “oversold” nodes but according to the resource usage, I do not have the indication that overselling is happening or that if the node has more users than it actually does. Some users, paranoid of what past providers have one, will just speculate endlessly without trying the product and I will say the BudgetVM cloud server is the real deal. It’s an excellent value for those looking for something more dedicated than shared VPS resources but not wanting to jump into dedicated servers.

Some of the budget dedicated servers don’t even come with IPMI/KVM anymore, for example Nocix/Datashack, as a cost saving measure and these cloud servers have a console where you can have control of the server but also upload an ISO for your own OS installation.

This speaks volumes when unfairly compared against budget dedicated servers that are bought off of eBay in bulk and racked.

The only real con I would say is the limited disk space. I can do fine with 500 GB of disk space and there is an option to upgrade to 750 GB disk but I would really love 1 TB of disk space because that  500 GB additional could be my TV shows collection or music collection.

Would I recommend this? Absolutely but you have to understand and appreciate the value of what you’re receiving.

BudgetVM Chicago cloud server network quality
BudgetVM Chicago cloud server network quality

The cloud server platform from BudgetVM would be perfect for a web server such as cPanel, a MySQL backup/slave server, virtualizing the cloud server for smaller VMs/LXC/Docker, a backup server and many more options. I just hate to see the fanboy hosting crowd bashing the idea without really understanding it and acting like children during the discussion about why it doesn’t work when I know for a fact that BudgetVM was the first company to have this option available to customers with ColoCrossing and their brands, such as Hudson Valley Host, but also BuyVM taking the idea then making it work for their customers.

I think with the size of BudgetVM considered, their large network and 4 solid US locations is something that a customer would look for- not imitation from other companies and even companies trying to undersell it in an attempt to build customer sales like what Hudson Valley Host is doing where ultimately it might be a problem.

Good job to the team at BudgetVM and keep on doing what you’re doing.