BudgetVM Cloud Server Review Update – 27 Days Uptime

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I signed up for BudgetVM’s cloud server to do a review on and to also host my Plex server on since the resources were dedicated to just this cloud server.

First, let’s explain what the “cloud server” is since the term is overused in the industry and means a lot of things to different people. For $29 per month, you receive 2x Intel E3-1230 series CPUs with 4GB of RAM and 250GB of disk space, 10TB of bandwidth on a 100 Mbps port and 1 IP address. For $10 more, you can get 2x Intel E3-1270 series CPUs, 8GB of RAM, and 500GB of disk space. The services both include 1 Gbps / 500k PPS DDOS protection.

The cloud server locations are Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and Chicago. I chose Chicago as it’s the most centrally located in the United States with the Plex users all across the United States who use my media that I host on there.

809GB of bandwidth used from September - October 2016.
809GB of bandwidth used from September – October 2016.

As you can see above, I used 809GB of bandwidth and the outgoing bandwidth was regularly used. I don’t recall any complaints from my Plex users about the connection speed with my Plex server hosted with BudgetVM in their Chicago location.

The incoming bandwidth was coming from an OVH server at their BHS location which has 250 Mbps of bandwidth on a 1 Gbps port.

Many people have asked if the cloud server has enough physical resources, such as CPU and RAM, to handle the demands on Plex transcoding. Most of the video content I have on the server is encoded in 720 so most of the video being played are direct streams. I use PlexPy to monitor statistics and had over 4 transcodes running at the same time without any notice in the performance. I have the server linked to my LibreNMS installation where I monitor resource usage.

CPU usage didn't exceed 30% the whole month
CPU usage didn’t exceed 30% the whole month

All I run on the cloud server is Plex, PlexPy and snmpd (for LibreNMS) so there’s nothing additionally running. I think perhaps some of the CPU usage could be attributed to when I do SFTP transfers from the OVH server to the BudgetVM cloud server.

I have over 60 users on the server so there’s quite a few people regularly using the Plex server.

I feel that Plex has more than enough resources to keep the users happy and that the BudgetVM cloud server that I chose to use was the right choice because I was considering other options but this was the most cost effective solution that was quickly deployed.

Is 500 GB enough?

I don’t keep as much TV shows as I do on there, which consumes a lot of disk space, but I do keep movies and “in theaters” movies regularly updated. If somebody requests I put something on there, I just keep it on there 7 days and delete it later so I think 500 GB is probably the minimum I would go with a Plex server but 1 TB would be optimal. I know the only resource upgrade available for BudgetVM’s cloud servers is going from 500 GB to 750 GB of disk space. The extra 250 GB disk space would definitely be helpful but I’m not to the point of upgrading to that.


I am very satisfied with using the BudgetVM cloud server for my Plex server.

The price is excellent and the server locations beat a lot of budget providers who have “low end” dedicated servers. BudgetVM has locations in Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami and Chicago. The cloud server would definitely be perfect for a cPanel server or shared web hosting server. The possibilities are endless with this solution which bridges the gap between VPS hosting, which BudgetVM also offers, and chasing after low end dedicated hardware offers from companies who haven’t been around as long as BudgetVM.