The “Middle East” is a geographical term. It generally includes Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the United Arab Emirates(Abu dhabi), Yemen, Palestine, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, the Republic of the Sudan, Mauritania and Somalia, Turkey and Cyprus.

If you are planning to start a Middle East VPS plan, then you will need to choose a specific region, such as UAE VPS, because there are so many regions here that you will need to be clear about which data centre you want to buy your VPS server from. I will then recommend some VPS providers where you can get the VPS hosting you want.

LightNode is a good VPS provider. They provide more than 24 exotic locations in the world. Also they have been in the server industry for 20 years which means they are professional in Cloud servers. Besides, their VPS instances are all billed hourly, that’s very flexible. And they provide many nodes VPS in middle east.

  • Features:

  • Permissions: Full root access

  • Billing methods: Hourly billing

  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, Alipay

  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, Windows, Rocky Linux

  • Data centers: Bulgaria, Jeddah, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Hanoi, United States, Bangkok, Phnom Penh, Washington, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taipei, Ho Chi Minh, Johannesburg, Dhaka, Manila, Singapore, Dubai, Riyadh, Frankfurt, Malasia, Japan, Egypt, Bahrain, Greece

1250GB SSD1TB$7.7/mo
2450GB SSD1TB$13.7/mo
4850GB SSD2TB$26.7/mo
81650GB SSD2TB$50.7/mo
163250GB SSD2TB$98.7/mo
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Bluepoint Server is a new VPS provider, they provide Egypt data center. you can choose them if you want to start a Egypt hosting plan.

  • Features:

  • Billing methods: Monthly billing

  • Payment methods: PayPal, BitPay

  • Operating system: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu

10.5GB20GB SSD0.5TB$10/mo
11GB30GB SSD2TB$15/mo
22GB40GB SSD3TB$30/mo
34GB60GB SSD4TB$60/mo
48GB100GB SSD5TB$120/mo
816GB150GB SSD10TB$180/mo
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HostZealot was established in 2009 and is already a well-known and experienced player of hosting service industry.They are sure about that, because all Their enthusiasm, original ideas and lack of stereotypes are dedicated to develop tailored hosting solutions, which Their clients feel comfortable to recommend both to business partners and friends. HostZealot offers solutions that could be an standard of reliability and quality.

  • Features:

  • Billing methods: Monthly billing

  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, CoinPayments, Alipay, Perfect Money

  • Operating system: CentOS, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Debian

20.5GB10GB SSD1TB$4.7/mo
31GB20GB SSD1TB$7.7/mo
42GB30GB SSD2TB$12.7/mo
44GB50GB SSD4TB$24.7/mo
48GB100GB SSD8TB$47.99/mo
616GB150GB SSD10TB$79.99/mo
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Serverwala, the industry-leading data center, came into existence in 2015, and since then it is making businesses establish their identity online successfully. With over 50 teammates, they employ our skills, proficiency, and resources to consistently upgrade server technology as well as to help people succeed in running their digital presence smoothly and easily. If you want to buy hosting UAE, you can consider ServerWALA.

  • Features:

  • Billing methods: Monthly billing

  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Coinbase

  • Operating system: CentOS, FreeBSD, Windows, Ubuntu, Rocky Linux, Debian, Fedora

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VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, is a virtual server which is also called cloud VPS, and is a premium service that splits a physical server into multiple virtual machines. Each vps can be allocated an independent public IP address, independent operating system, independent large disk space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution of programs and independent system configuration. In addition to being able to allocate multiple virtual hosts and unlimited enterprise mailboxes, users can also have independent server functions, install their own programs and restart their servers individually.

A dedicated server is a dedicated physical server hosted resource that is exclusively available to users. You can create a cloud server on your Dedicated Host to meet your higher requirements for isolation, security and performance. At the same time, you can continue to use the same server-side software licences you had before migration when you migrate your business to a dedicated host, i.e. you can support self-contained licences to save money and increase autonomy over your cloud servers.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting in which a service provider serves web pages to multiple websites from a single web server, each with its own Internet domain name.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting in which a service provider serves web pages from a web server to multiple websites, each with its own Internet domain name. Most web hosting companies offer shared hosting. Although shared hosting is a less expensive way for businesses to create a web presence, it usually does not cater for high volume websites. These sites require a dedicated web server provided by a web hosting service or maintained in-house.

Load balancing is a key component of a highly available network infrastructure and is often used to distribute workloads across multiple servers to improve the performance and reliability of websites, applications, databases or other services.

The load balancer generally decides which server to forward requests to based on two factors. First, it ensures that the selected server is capable of responding to the request, and then it selects from a pool of healthy servers based on pre-configured rules.

Since the load balancer should only select back-end servers that can respond properly, there needs to be a way to determine if the back-end servers are ‘healthy’. To monitor the performance of the back-end servers, the Operational Status Check service periodically tries to connect to the back-end servers using the protocols and ports defined by the forwarding rules. If the server fails the health check, it is removed from the pool, ensuring that traffic is not forwarded to that server until it passes the health check again.

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