Are you looking for a cheap Malaysia VPS? I’ll take you to the way to get a cheap and best Malaysia VPS.

For VPS Malaysia, you can start your business in Malaysia, create a VPN or build a website.

Anyway, if you are going to start a Malaysia VPS plan, just take a look at this article. I will show you 4 best VPS providers which helps you make the decision easily.

LightNode is a good VPS provider. They provide more than 24 exotic locations in the world. Also they have been in the server industry for 20 years which means they are professional in VPS servers. Besides, their VPS instances are all billed hourly, that’s very flexible.

  • Features:

  • Full root access

  • Billing methods: Hourly billing

  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, Alipay

  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, Windows, Rocky Linux

1250GB SSD1TB$7.7/mo
2450GB SSD1TB$13.7/mo
4850GB SSD2TB$26.7/mo
81650GB SSD2TB$50.7/mo
163250GB SSD2TB$98.7/mo
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VPS Malaysia is Malaysia’s largest cloud VPS hosting provider. As experts in the industry, they help clients create cloud storage and virtual private servers rapidly and safely.

  • Features:

  • Billing methods: Monthly billing

  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Crypto, Manual Bank Transfer

  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian

  • Flexible Root Configuration

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Backed by 10 years of experience and sustained growth, Casbay remains a Malaysian industry pioneer in hosting service. They offer web and email hosting, VPS, Cloud and more to kick-start your online presence with high specs servers and digital marketing services to improve your website traffic and conversion.

  • Features:

  • Billing methods: Monthly billing

  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer

  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian

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Onlive Server give you for the freedom and confidence you need to run a successful website by Malaysia VPS Hosting. Their virtual hosting provides you speed and security to your plans, without sacrificing performance. It’s a great way to make sure that your customers enjoy the best online experience possible.

  • Features:

  • Billing methods: Monthly billing

  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Crypto, WebMoney

  • Operating system: CentOS, Fedora, Windows, Ubuntu, SUSE, Debian

11GB30GB SSD1TB$20/mo
22GB60GB SSD2TB$37/mo
44GB120GB SSD4TB$71/mo
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Traditional hosting services are being widely replaced by technologies such as VPS hosting and cloud hosting. The benefits they offer outweigh the small cost implications of upgrading to these hosting technologies. So, what is a Virtual Private Server? A Virtual Private Server (VPS), as the name suggests, is considered to be a perceived dedicated service for, even if it is installed on a computer running multiple VPS. This computer can host more than one of these VPS servers without any of them impeding the performance of other servers on the same network.

This virtualisation is implemented by software called Hypervisor (hypervisor), which splits the main hardware into smaller units. Each VPS is able to run its own operating system and will have dedicated resources, regardless of the other servers on the network at any given moment. This ensures more advantages than shared hosting, such as unrestricted root access, faster load times and privacy, as the VPS does not interact with other VPSs on the same network. Choosing the right hosting for your company could have a long-term impact on your business. Therefore, it is important that you decide wisely on the hosting your company will use.

Ideally, you should always host your website on a VPS as the cost of a private server can be much higher. With a VPS, you get faster speeds and shorter loading times, which will not only make your potential customers happy but also help you rank better in search results. a VPS ensures better speeds, even if you get higher traffic and more clicks.

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