Are you looking for a cheap Bangladesh VPS? I’ll take you to the way to get a cheap and best Bangladesh VPS.

For VPS Bangladesh, you can start your business in Bangladesh, create a VPN or build a website.

Anyway, if you are going to start a Dhaka VPS plan, just take a look at this article. I will show you 4 best VPS providers which helps you make the decision easily.

LightNode is a good VPS provider provides high performance VPS and cheap VPS. They provide more than 24 exotic locations in the world. Also they have been in the server industry for 20 years which means they are professional in VPS servers, they have many VPS hosting solutions. Besides, their VPS instances are all billed hourly, that’s very flexible. By the way, they will provide a simple control panel for managed VPS server management. You can easily manage your different data centers or different VPS hosting plans.

  • Full root access
  • Billing methods: Hourly billing
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, Alipay
  • Operating system: CentOS, FreeBSD, Windows, Ubuntu, Rocky Linux, Debian
1250GB SSD1TB$7.7/mo
2450GB SSD1TB$13.7/mo
4850GB SSD2TB$26.7/mo
81650GB SSD2TB$50.7/mo
163250GB SSD2TB$98.7/mo
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Alpha Net is a USA based web hosting & cloud solutions company offering Enterprise Hosting Solutions in Bangladesh since 2001. Extremely Fast Dedicated & Virtual Servers, Secure Web Hosting & Business Email Hosting, Expert Support with 100% uptime guarantee. Currently serving thousands of customers in Bangladesh & Worldwide.

  • Billing methods: Hourly billing
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash
  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian
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DianaHost is well-known as the fastest Hosting Service provider which is a registered member of BASIS, eCAB & BDHPA. It is also a reputed fast-emerging IT company in Bangladesh and as a VPS hosting provider in Bangladesh.

  • Billing methods: Hourly billing
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, bKash Payment, bKash Personal Rocket, Cash
  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux
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BDIX is the leading Internet Exchange Point in Bangladesh. Local data is connected to about 3500 Bangladeshi internet service providers to prevent international routing. BDIX creates a kind of virtual network through which you can easily download any file from their server in a very short time and at a very fast speed.

  • Billing methods: Hourly billing
  • Payment methods: Credit Card, bKash Payment, Bank Transfer
  • Operating system: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, AlmaLinux, CloudLinux
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VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, is a virtual server which is also called cloud VPS, and is a premium service that splits a physical server into multiple virtual private servers. Each vps can be allocated an independent public IP address, independent operating system, independent large  disk space, independent memory, independent CPU resources, independent execution of programs and independent system configuration. In addition to being able to allocate multiple virtual hosts and unlimited enterprise mailboxes, users can also have independent server functions, install their own programs and restart their servers individually. The best choice for high-end web hosting users.

A dedicated server is a dedicated physical hosting resource that is exclusively available to users. You can create a cloud server on your Dedicated Host to meet your higher requirements for isolation, security and performance. At the same time, you can continue to use the same server-side software licences you had before migration when you migrate your business to a dedicated host, i.e. you can support self-contained licences to save money and increase autonomy over your cloud servers.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting in which a service provider serves web pages to multiple websites from a single web server, each with its own Internet domain name.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting in which a service provider serves web pages from a web server to multiple websites, each with its own Internet domain name. Most web hosting companies offer shared hosting. Although shared hosting is a less expensive way for businesses to create a web presence, it usually does not cater for high volume websites. These sites require a dedicated web server provided by a web hosting service or maintained in-house.

VPS is available with a choice of operating systems and even application images, many VPS providers offer different operating systems, the most popular of which are Linux and Windows. LightNode, who offer a free VPS for Windows.

As for choosing a Linux VPS or a Windows VPS, this depends largely on your business needs and you need to know exactly what operating system you need before you can start a VPS plan and then make the purchase. On my opinion, Linux VPS may be good for web development.

Bangladesh has the world’s 33rd largest economy in terms of market exchange rates and 29th largest in terms of purchasing power parity, which ranks second in South Asia after India. Bangladesh is also one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and one of the fastest growing middle-income countries. The country has a market-based mixed economy. A developing nation, Bangladesh is one of the Next Eleven emerging markets. According to the IMF, its per-capita income was US$2,824 in 2022, with a GDP of $417 billion. Bangladesh has the second-highest foreign-exchange reserves in South Asia. The Bangladeshi diaspora contributed $15.31 billion in remittances in 2015. Bangladesh’s largest trading partners are the European Union, the United States, Japan, India, Australia, China and ASEAN. Expat workers in the Middle East and Southeast Asia send back a large chunk of remittances. The economy is driven by strong domestic demand.

1. Hosting a website

This is the most common type of cloud hosting. You can set up a LAMP, download a WordPress and run it. You have an extra VPS so you can start your own blog. You can also provide blogging services for friends around you. You’re a good person, making the most of your VPS resources and not wasting electricity in the server room.

2. Personal netbook

It’s cool to think of a vps as a personal web drive, visually. But obviously, this approach is not as affordable as buying a 4T hard drive for $1000.

3. Private cloud

With VPS hosting, we can use BTsync to build a private cloud that is not controlled by a third party and supports Windows, Mac, Linux and even some NAS devices.

4. Act as a reverse proxy

Back-end hosts can be hidden. Squid and varnish are very mature applications. For our small websites or blogs, reverse proxy is more efficient than CDN. there are many CDN nodes, but the number of website visits is small and the resources accessed by users are not cached on the nodes, resulting in the need to go to the source site every time to get the data, which takes more time than direct access. A reverse proxy is like a node, and the cache hit rate will be higher.

In addition to acceleration, reverse proxy hosting allows for more access control and increased site security.

5. Build a personal email server

Do you want to use your domain’s email address? Is this great? Do it yourself and get rich! It’s not a problem to build a SendMail mail server with a VPS that can send over 100,000 emails a day. You don’t have to worry about some mail server blocking you all day.

6. Mine Bitcoin

Nowadays, virtual currencies are flooded. If you have idle VPS resources, you can consider installing a software on your server to mine and earn virtual currency. You can also use traffic ores to sell for money. Country

7. Build a mini-game

Of course you can also hook up an automated trading software to speculate on exchange rates, or make a telegraphic bot, etc. If you’re dirt poor, you can buy a high VPS and play Steam on any phone and run a masterpiece on a small computer at work/school. After all, a VPS is just a computer.

8. Coder learning Linux

Since you want to learn Linux, you have to have a Linux environment. Install a Linux system on a cloud server and many people can use it.

A cloud server is similar to a VPS, whereas a cloud server divides computing and storage resources based on server clusters, whereas a VPS divides resources based on data security based on servers. In terms of scalability and stability, cloud servers are much better.

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