… and we’re back

… and we’re back

First and foremost, I apologize to absolutely everyone for over the years of the neglect of this project.

I’ll have it run for awhile then it’ll crash and burn, I’ll forget about it for awhile and what’s this? This third or maybe fourth relaunch of this project? I want to say at least three but I know I’m going to be told this is actually *technically the fourth* relaunch.

I guess the timeline in all honesty:

  • First few years, went down due to no backup on “sponsored” hosting and the hosting provider hauled ass so the VPS node went down along with the data. After that, I never used any sponsored offers to host the site and went to dedicated servers only.
  • cPanel MySQL data randomly corrupted but only had a copy of the disk data but not the SQL so pointless.
  • This relaunch.

For those who don’t remember the launch, I was dog/housesitting at my parents. My parents were out of town on the other side of the country and with it being the Christmas season, left me a Visa gift card. I think it was $100 so I got $60 cash out of the ATM and was going to spend the remaining funds on a domain for a project because I knew I’d come up with an idea. I had my laptop out and was staring at the dog who was staring up at me. I had Low End Box and Web Hosting Talk up which in 2010 were your only real options for VPS hosting.

Then it hit me, both basically just do offers/deals and the reviews aren’t really trusted unless you’re an established member. Remember, this was pre-Low End Talk which launched shortly after to compliment Low End Box into creating a community of reviews and feedback of providers which I admit was a great thing for their project. As predicted, Low End Box collapsed after the behind the scenes dealing of the site transferring from Low End Admin to Chief who flipped the site to the ColoCrossing people. Now the site pretty much looks like a way for a cookie cutter new provider to get some business who signs up for ColoCrossing and works out some marketing deal with them. Is it biased? Possibly but I can’t really complain because it’s just business.

I never would had predicted it was going to end up like that. I knew it was going to change hands somehow but not like that and not quickly thrown like a hot potato over to a buyer like ColoCrossing which I do admit was a good sell but I would had sat on it then thrown it to WHT who has deeper pockets but we never know how much ColoCrossing paid for the site. I would expect a minimum of $10k if you were Chief and wanted to make some quick money. The site could had been shopped around for $50k+ because of the amount of ad revenue the site generates.

I’m going to put some more effort and time into this because since 2010, the industry has been really interesting. I’ve been dealing with VPS hosting for over 15 years and it’s amazing to see how the prices have dropped so much while the availability of resources just skyrockets as the advancements in server hardware come along. I predicted many years ago at some point the cost of dedicated servers would plummet making it almost the cost of a VPS hosting plan to have full 100% dedicated resources of a dedicated server.

It’s not hard to find a $10 – $15 or as much as $20 or $25 per month dedicated server right now with some respectable resources for when I remember in the mid 2000s I was paying $20-25/mo for 1/4 of 1 CPU, 256mb of RAM, 2 IPs when VPS hosting came out to compete with UNIX shells, a type of hosting I was familiar with and used regularly.

So like with people moving from shared web hosting to VPS hosting with more resources, I jumped from the shell hosting which would have foreground/background process limits and resource consumption limits that often would just be throttled to just using that $20-25/mo VPS as a shell running Debian Linux versus the BSD variants common with UNIX shell providers.

I’ll start posting reviews very soon, including current reviews of providers I’m using. I don’t really use too many providers that aren’t uncommon as I’m pretty biased towards the Vultr/Linode/Digital Ocean type of providers/panels/pricing. It just works and the features are great versus the duct taped SolusVM based solution of the same thing from every single provider out there.

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