BudgetVM / Enzu Dallas Migration

I just got this in my email:

We are happy to announce that we will be migrating all servers in our Dallas location to an upgraded facility. The migration will take approx. 45 minutes per server group. We will move only a small number of nodes at any one time to prevent a large simultaneous outage and allow for troubleshooting of a small pool of servers if needed.

With this upgrade we are happy to report that, our customers will enjoy an upgraded hosting experience. Our new facility will feature several enhancements including redundant power and network improvements within the Infomart datacenter. These new features will be provided at no additional cost to you. At BudgetVM, we are investing a great deal of resources into improving our infrastructure to better serve our customers.

This maintenance window will begin at 2000 EST on October 18th and continue through 0100EST on October 19th.

We will ensure a graceful shutdown of all nodes to ensure the integrity of any data at that time. We will also be taking this opporunity to introduce software upgrades and security improvements on the nodes themselves.

If you have any questions regarding this migration please let us know. We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you on our improved infrastructure!

One additional notice will be sent on October 18th once the maintenance begins as well as when it completes.

Hostodo Review Update – 100% Uptime But Don’t Use Them In 2018

Just an update about my Hostodo Los Angeles VPS, I have the following uptime:

Uptime 21 days, 6h 1m 46s

I’m very satisfied and looking at the network graph of LibreNMS, I don’t see any interruption of the reporting. My initial post is located here for Hostodo.

100% uninterrupted uptime with my Hostodo LA VPS service.
100% uninterrupted uptime with my Hostodo LA VPS service.

For $7/mo you receive 2GB of RAM, 120GB of disk space, 1 IPv4 address, 4 TB of bandwidth and 6 shared CPUs. The CPUs are Intel Xeon E3-1241v3 @ 3.5Ghz and 8mb cache.

For their Los Angeles VPS location, there is an option for an “Asian optimized IP address” which will get better connectivity to Southeast Asian customers or traffic. Many Los Angeles VPS providers offer such optimized IP addresses which better handle the network issues of Southeast Asia, specifically China, which is known to constantly change with the issues with GFW (China’s Great Firewall)

Hostodo also has services in Miami, Florida and also Dallas, Texas on top of their Los Angeles, California location so the company has your major US locations covered. I like seeing a Miami location because Miami is becoming less common as some providers have pulled out of Miami or completely stop using Miami such as when ServerAxis packed up all their equipment and moved to Chicago, leaving a lot of Miami based providers with little or no notification on the move.

I am very satisfied with the performance of the service because 6 shared CPU cores for $7 with 2GB of RAM and 120GB of disk space is an excellent deal for a Los Angeles OpenVZ VPS.

In the next coming days, I’ll upload a benchmark even when I don’t really care for benchmarks because they provide an unreasonable expectation to a lot of inexperienced users who just chase after the biggest number.

One day’s performance isn’t necessarily the same the next day when resources are shared with OpenVZ and the churn of customers coming in then leaving the service. I’ve heard that 30% churn/turnover is a reasonable expectation monthly so.

November, 16th 2018 Edit:

I do not recommend Hostodo at all.

They offer services in Miami but when you order the service, its delivered on a broken node where reinstalls are not working. I tried for over 3 days to resolve the issue with support, got no progress, and finally opened up a dispute.

It’s sad and goes to show that a company can do really good within the first few years then all the sudden, just mysteriously collapse providing subpar service and basically just looking for customers who tolerate what little they provide when there are way more options available to the general public.

OVH Launches 3 New Locations- Poland, Singapore and Australia

This is exciting news.

It appears OVH has launched three new locations in Poland, Singapore and Australia. Poland is very exciting as there are relatively few providers in that region and it provides nice central European connectivity for Western Europe and also areas in the East such as Russia, China, etc.

Singapore and Australia are very interesting as well as Singapore would appeal to Southeast Asian customers such as China, Japan, Hong Kong and others. Australia is probably one of the biggest interests as Australian customers are limited on their expensive options within their own country.

However I have spoken to a friend who lives in Australia who has stated that an Australian hosting provider within Australia has to comply with some really strict rules compared to worldwide standards such as the United States, Canada and Europe regarding data retention of customers.

I think the Singapore option would suit Australian customers who wish to bypass that silliness as the connectivity would have some additional latency but not be too much.

Like with all locations, anti-DDOS is included which is a great industry game changer as to stay competitive other hosting providers in Poland, Singapore and Australia would need to meet or exceed what OVH can provide. However many will be disappointed at the 3 TB/mo on 1 Gbps bandwidth allocation that OVH is providing with this launch however if you exceed 3 TB/mo on this offer, your bandwidth is throttled down to 10 Mbps.

The hardware being offered is:

  • Intel Xeon E3-1245v5
  • 4 Cores / 8 Threads
  • 3.5 GHz / 3.9 GHz
  • 32 GB DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz
  • Your choice of 2x 2TB SATA or 2x 480GB SSD
  • 3 TB/mo @ 1 Gbps

$129/mo (40% discount and limited offer until 10/30 or if 750 participants sign up)

I think the great news is this offers an alternative to SoftLayer being one of the “major” providers in the area and could increase the competition which benefits us all. For the VPS customer, this means more offers from a variety of companies with servers in Poland, Singapore and Australia that are using OVH as their infrastructure provider.

So prepare to start seeing such offers from hosting providers real soon.

The only limitation at this time is IP addresses with this offer as there is only 1 IPv4 provided with signing up and it appears that the 16 IPv4 address limitation on their other brands (SoYouStart) is going to be put on these locations. This may upset some however many hosting providers can maneuver around this by adapting their services to the limitation with options such as NAT VPS services or IPv6 only services as OVH generously offers IPv6 blocks to their customers.

CatalystHost Review – Dallas Texas VPS Hosting


This is one of my first reviews after the Hurricane Matthew situation. I have 2 active CatalystHost services with their 1 vCPU, 256mb RAM, 10GB disk, and 333TB bandwidth plan which is an amazing $12 per year.

What makes this an even greater value is the service is on a 1 Gbps or greater connection so you receive excellent speeds with this service when you do speedtesting. Both of my services are on the “Dallas Two” node and according to my LibreNMS monitoring setup, I have not received any downtime or gaps in the snmp based monitoring.

CatalystHost review speedtest
An example of the speedtest from Cachefly for CatalystHost. Blazing fast.

I ordered one service awhile back and the latest one recently so the uptime is 205 days with the oldest service ordered and 35 days with the recent service. 200+ day or longer uptime on OpenVZ services is unheard of by “low end” industry standards.

I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the service which is why I will continue to renew the services. By comparison, for slightly more per year, I can get a HostUS service with 768mb RAM and less bandwidth in a Dallas location also. However the network connection with CatalystHost is blazing fast as you can see with the speedtest above.

CatalystHost Support:

With CatalystHost, the service is reliable with unmanaged support so in the past 6-7 months with being a customer of the company I’ve only had to file one ticket.

The ticket was with the new service I ordered was giving me an error when I attempted to set reverse DNS. I’m assuming when I signed up for the second account, I added something in a username field which “didn’t link the services under my account” and gave me the error. I fiddled with it for some time and after 10-15 minutes I figured I exhausted my attempts.

I filed a ticket and Ryan, the owner, responded. I even clearly provided the record I was adding in the ticket thinking maybe there was a known issue or the technical support would set it then send me on my way. With my experience in technical support, you have to do it but balance out that you’re not spoonfeeding customers who expect this to be done when the service is unmanaged but the client area provided what most customers need to self-manage their service.

When Ryan responded, he explained how to do it and there was some back and forth where eventually at the end he figured out the services weren’t under my account. The back and forth could had been easily macro’d or added into a knowledgebase article as I can see this being an issue with people ordering more than one service.

I’m not disappointed at the support, it’s just I think this known issue could be documented better to prevent unnecessary tickets and allow smoother operation.


CatalystHost is an excellent service with their 256mb RAM / 333TB bandwidth OpenVZ service in Dallas, Texas for $12/year. The excellent uptime and awesome network connectivity make this an excellent value for any high bandwidth uses. The CatalystHost team are active on forums like LowEndTalk and are well reviewed so you cannot go wrong as far as I’m concerned with choosing this company for your VPS hosting needs.

I mean who doesn’t have the budget of $1 per month prepaid for a year?

I don’t think I could spend $12 in a bar so it’s definitely within most people’s budget. However you must know this is completely self-managed so if you’re trying to do something where it’s possibly not enough memory you’ll have an issue if you request support. I knew this signing up and have been extremely satisfied with the performance, reliability, stability and value of this service.


Sorry for the lack of updates the past week or so.

Hurricane Matthew impacted my area with a less than 48 hour power outage and it has taken a few days for my area to return to being normal. There are some areas in my region that are still without power, Internet and other conveniences. Up in some parts of Georgia and North Carolina, some areas are devastated.

I’ve lived in my area my entire life and only have evacuated from 2 strong tropical storms which move slower and dump more rain so by nature, I decided to stay versus evacuate. I live on a barrier island so the decision wasn’t completely understood by friends and family. With the almost 48 hour power outage, many weren’t updated with what was going on and got upset at the lack of updates.

I’m going to continue my reviews over the next few days.