HostUS Review – Solid Uptime In London

HostUS is one of my favorite, “go to” hosting providers.

I’ve been a fan of their 768mb VPS plans in their locations which have 1 CPU, 768mb RAM, 20GB of disk space and 2TB of transfer per month. The price has changed since it was initially offered but the $11 – $12/year cost is now up to $16/year which is still a great price. It’s not a great price for those seeking sub-$15/year plans however you can’t make everybody happy.

The 768mb VPS plans are perfect for private VPN servers, web servers, small clusters like DIY CDNs, and even cPanel DNS Only clusters which I use the service for on the US locations. I currently use this London UK service for an OpenVPN installation. I run an LibreNMS instance on one of the 768mb services. I have 6 active 768mb VPS plans with HostUS and I’m extremely satisfied.

HostUS London location showing the uninterrupted network transfers
HostUS London location showing the uninterrupted network transfers

As you can see on the 30 days of graphs above, there has been no interruption in the network uptime of the VPS at their London, UK location. I am extremely satisfied and was hesitant at first to get the location but the location hasn’t failed me in my decision to go with it.

The VPS is powered by a Intel Xeon E3-1270v5 CPU running at 3.6Ghz which is a very powerful and new (by hosting industry standards) CPU compared to some of the older 1230s and 1270s being used by other companies. For a 768mb VPS, 1 CPU is more than enough for what you’re trying to reasonably do.

With my LibreNMS monitoring, I can see the service uses minimal hardware and network resources. This service just idles until I need to login to use the VPN. The service just runs so smoothly that the only downtime I experienced was seeing network alerts regarding flapping when HostUS was having some issues with denial of service attacks the past few weeks but it never impacted my experience. It seems that a lot of hosting companies, data centers and network carriers are experiencing some large denial of service attacks lately with some suggesting that somebody/something is possibly ‘testing’ the Internet out for weaknesses.


You cannot go wrong with choosing HostUS for your hosting needs.

I’ve been with new and established providers over the past 6 years but have closely been watching HostUS establish themselves then expand into new locations that are the same quality that their customers expect. HostUS has locations in the US, the London location but also Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong which these three locations are rare for most providers let alone having all three locations as a provider would have one of the three as Southeast Asian locations have their different operating costs which can add additional costs to hosting in those areas.

Hostodo 2GB VPS Review But Don’t Use Them In 2018

Hassan and the team from Hostodo has sent me my login information for the 2GB VPS I am reviewing.

Hostodo picked out their Los Angeles, California location for me and the deployment was very smooth. For $7/mo you receive 2GB of RAM, 120GB of disk space, 1 IPv4 address, 4 TB of bandwidth and 6 shared CPUs. The CPUs are Intel Xeon E3-1241v3 @ 3.5Ghz and 8mb cache.

For their Los Angeles VPS location, there is an option for an “Asian optimized IP address” which will get better connectivity to Southeast Asian customers or traffic. Many Los Angeles VPS providers offer such optimized IP addresses which better handle the network issues of Southeast Asia, specifically China, which is known to constantly change with the issues with GFW (China’s Great Firewall)

Hostodo also has services in Miami, Florida and also Dallas, Texas on top of their Los Angeles, California location so the company has your major US locations covered. I like seeing a Miami location because Miami is becoming less common as some providers have pulled out of Miami or completely stop using Miami such as when ServerAxis packed up all their equipment and moved to Chicago, leaving a lot of Miami based providers with little or no notification on the move.

From what I can see on my MTR testing from OVH, it appears that the Los Angeles location is at Quadranet’s Los Angeles facility which has over 60,000 square feet of colocation space in the Telecom Center building which is adjacent to the One Wilshire facility. Quadranet has been at the Telecom Center location since 2004.

I just checked with Cachefly to download a 100mb test file on the service and I received over 106 MB/s with the file downloading in less than 0.9 seconds so it appears this service is more than ready to start being used by anybody who need Los Angeles VPS hosting. The download speed with Hostodo is one of the fastest speeds I’ve seen on a test file and it shows the quality of Quadranet Los Angeles’ bandwidth.

Needless to say, Hostodo‘s choice of Quadranet in Los Angeles is an excellent choice with the excellent operation of the facility that Quadranet does and the company’s recent expansion.I can’t wait to monitor and review this service some more to show the VPSLIST audience and possible future Hostodo customers what this service can offer to them.

November, 16th 2018 Edit:

I do not recommend Hostodo at all.

They offer services in Miami but when you order the service, its delivered on a broken node where reinstalls are not working. I tried for over 3 days to resolve the issue with support, got no progress, and finally opened up a dispute.

It’s sad and goes to show that a company can do really good within the first few years then all the sudden, just mysteriously collapse providing subpar service and basically just looking for customers who tolerate what little they provide when there are way more options available to the general public.

Moved The Site Over To CloudLinux

Hey everybody

Sorry about yesterday’s site interruptions but I moved the site over from a CentminMod installation to my main CloudLinux/cPanel installation.

I’ve been wanting to test the resource management that CloudLinux provides through LVE and other settings but right now, I don’t have any decent traffic websites other than the website that I have.

I just ran on a 1GB RAM VPS for awhile which had CentminMod running but it’s just something I’ve been meaning to test and need to test and never had the time to transfer or migrate the site over to my main CloudLinux/cPanel installation.

I’ve got some reviews coming up also from other companies and had a few offers come in from providers contacting me.

I’m a big fan of cPanel and also CloudLinux. If you’ve never ran both together, it’s absolutely amazing how manageable they can make a normally wild shared hosting server. Some attacks on an individual account, such as using Apache’s benchmark tool, can make the entire server absolutely crawl. With the LVE option and also other features, I’ve ran the same “attack” against the shared hosting server with it not being impacted at all when it previously almost took the shared hosting server down.

FDCservers Amsterdam 99 Cent VPS Review


I’ve been a customer of FDCservers’ 99 cents 128mb VPS for the past month.

FDCservers is an established provider with locations such as Chicago, Denver, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City in the United States. However FDCservers operates locations such as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris, London and Madrid in Europe. In the past 15 years, they’ve grown to their current 13 locations worldwide and operate a 10 Tbps network of capacity which is very attractive, showing off that indeed they’ve been around 15 years.

I saw the offer for the 99 cent VPS and decided to try it out because I would only be a loss of 99 cents if the VPS didn’t work or if it had stability issues.

For 99 cents, I received:

  • 128mb RAM
  • 10 GB SSD disk space
  • 1 CPU core
  • 1 IPv4 address
  • 5 Mbps unmetered connection
  • Choice of 13 worldwide locations

It’s not a bad deal and I know some people are going to immediately thumb their nose saying that at 99 cents per month for an entire year, which is $11.88, they can receive these resources with this provider or that provider. This is the beauty of a market regulated by customer demand and trends.

I use providers that have the $12 – $15 / year resources but these companies with the $12 – $15 / year services haven’t been around 15 years or operate a 10 Tbps network of capacity so it’s unfair to compare an established company to these companies that pop up, change names, get sold/renamed and sometimes do well but often times go out of business due to a small list of reasons we’ve all heard before.

Let’s start the review-

For those wondering and I’m pretty sure this is what a majority of people are thinking but yes, you do receive a 5 Mbps unmetered network connection. Some providers will say their connection is a certain speed and often times its just to advertise a minimum but the 5 Mbps network connection is indeed a 5 Mbps network connection which won’t burst or get faster. You get exactly what you pay for and nothing more.

FDCservers Amsterdam Speedtest

I have tested from Cachefly a few times writing up this review, plus in past testing, and receive 5 Mbps consistently from the testing servers taking 3 minutes to download 100mb test file.


The CPU speed on the service is 2.1 Ghz and I don’t have any other specifics as it’s a QEMU based virtualization which doesn’t show the exact make/model of the processor. It’s not a deal breaker but some would want to know if it was an AMD or Intel based system with the specific processor. For 99 cents, hey.. it’s fine with me.

FDCservers Amsterdam CPU



I have over 31 days of uptime. I haven’t ran anything intensive or critical on this VPS, as this is a 99 cent VPS, but my snmp monitoring haven’t shown any network interruptions or “blips” in the monitoring. Some budget providers will have this happen from time to time.


Is this service worth it? Absolutely if this meets your budget and your bandwidth requirements as your monthly quota would be 1.65 TB/mo. I know I had issues enabling TUN/TAP and PPP which the option was not available from the client area. I didn’t feel like bothering support because I have a feeling if TUN/TAP and PPP support was enabled/allowed that it would be easily enabled via the client area. Attempts to enable this from the command line didn’t work and my initial plan was to turn this into a VPN.

However with this being only 99 cents, I may end up cancelling the service and signing up for the service in Miami as I have a requirement to have 10 GB of disk space in Miami. I was just using Amsterdam for testing as that’s a popular location for a lot of users and oddly, Amsterdam is becoming less and less common than it once was when it seemed that everybody had servers in Amsterdam.



EpiDrive / Merge With Another Company

Source: Low End Talk

Dear Clients and Friends:

I have the great pleasure of announcing that Epidrive Web Hosting Solutions and Berry.PW will be combining with the Saint Louis, MO.-based company of New Era Web Solutions, LLC. The new combined organization will lead to not only a larger customer base but more cost effective service offerings. All traffic will be routed through New Era’s main website and all customers will be migrated to New Era’s more robust and efficient hosting platforms.

I want each of you to understand that this type of acquisition is normal in this line of business and the transition of clients from one company to the next will be as seamless as possible to all involved. We understand that change can be troubling or off-putting and we want each of you to be completely confident with our service and support.

As such we will be adding 2 months of service to everyone’s plans as well as customers are able to stay on their legacy pricing or move to New Era’s pricing and packaging if they wish.

The first steps in an acquisition are always tough but we are doing everything we can to make this move as smooth as possible, we recognize that in the past few months under the previous management there have been service outages among other issues. New Era’s management is committed to providing the best product for the best price possible. As such we are moving everyone to better equipment, the first moves will be the cPanel Shared hosting customers. Followed by all the VPS customers from both and Berry.PW. You will receive new login information for your services as well as the New Era billing system in the coming days. The full migration of each of you will be completed by 9/20/2016.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this major milestone as it provides a tremendously exciting opportunity for you, our clients, and ourselves. We look forward to bringing to you a range of expertise and a quality of service unmatched by any other provider.


Michael Herring

New Era Web Solutions, LLC – Director of Technology



It appears a lot of hosts are combining and selling to other companies. Is it official that summertime is over?