VPS List Update – December 2015

Just an update for everybody, I’m doing just fine.

I have some other projects at the moment which are taking a little bit of a higher priority. I run a small YouTube channel and video production is about 100 times more difficult and time consuming than text based content creation so it gets overwhelming then when you look at text content, you’re pretty much burned out and don’t feel like making new posts.

I do have VPS services I’m still reviewing, including the services from Enzu / BudgetVM, and I have a OVH VPS review that I haven’t even started yet but I will complete by Monday or this time next week at the latest. I find that OVH is a pretty solid location for VPS hosting as I’ve had minimal issues. Matter of fact, I host my LibreNMS installation on the OVH VPS because I didn’t want my monitoring on the same physical dedicated server.

With the recent OVH network outage, my OVH VPS went down via network but the dedicated server was fine. I had some packet loss on the dedicated server but the OVH VPS network was completely down, with the OVH VPS responsive at times but mostly was not responsive.

Right now, the first major cold front blew through my area and everybody including myself is feeling their first taste of winter related sickness.

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and you’re planning a wonderful Christmas; there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world that is trying to prevent you from enjoying this time of year with your friends and family.