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BudgetVM Review – 242 Days Uptime in Dallas, Texas

BudgetVM Logo

I know there’s not many Xen VPS reviews, but I found an “old” Xen VPS that I almost forgot about with BudgetVM located in Dallas, Texas. The specs aren’t exactly the highest end specs on most VPS services but at one time, I was using the service as a cPanel DNS Only server for a cPanel DNS cluster.

BudgetVM has an excellent location in Dallas and I cannot recall any network interruptions recently as I do monitor all of my VPS services from both a LibreNMS installation and also from NixStats also.

Dallas Xen VPS hosting is starting to become rarer with providers now offering Dallas KVM services but if you’re looking for a Xen VPS in Dallas, you’ll be fine with choosing BudgetVM.

OneProvider – VIA Nano 2GB RAM Paris France Hardware Review


I admit that the 7EUR/mo VIA Nano 2GB RAM offer from OneProvider was too tempting to pass up so I went ahead and ordered one.

OneProvider offers tons of hardware options at a variety of prices, including as low as 7EUR/mo in Paris, so I signed up. OneProvider has an interesting ID verification system, which all customers must complete, where you do an “ID verification selfie” holding your driver’s license and credit card if you paid with a credit card.

I was going to grumble and let the 48 hour requirement expire so I could receive a refund but honestly, I needed the OneProvider services for an upcoming project so I decided to proceed with the service activation. I both have OneProvider and a server with Online SAS, so I’m going to put them ‘head to head’ against each other as OneProvider is cheaper while Online SAS has one-time setup fees that are steep. I’m more familiar with Online SAS and have no real reason to leave them at anytime however getting 2 servers for the price of one Online Dedibox XC is appealing.

HostUS Review – London, UK VPS Hosting

Host US Logo

There’s a limited amount of London, UK VPS hosting offers so when I see one I’ll pick one up which is the case with the offer from HostUS.

The offer was 768mb RAM/vSwap, 1 vCPU, 20GB and 2TB transfer on a 1Gbit/s port and 1 IPv4 for only $2 per month. For 50 cents more, at $2.50/mo, you could get London UK on a 10Gbps port. The best deal is prepaid annual payment in London is $17 per year. With the attractive offer, I went ahead and picked up the $17 per year offer in London.

So far, the service is extremely reliable and just a warning for anybody in a rush- there might be a delay in provisioning as the ordering is not automatic however it is quicker than a 24 hour delay. I would place an order, wait a few hours, contact support and my service was definitely activated within 12 hours.

The server has been up almost 5 days and the CPU is Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2660 v3 @ 2.60GHz which I get 1.2Ghz and there’s no issue with performance or the VPS feeling like it’s underpowered as the Intel Xeon E5 series is more modern especially being a v3 compared to some VPS providers using E3 based Xeon processors or even older Xeon L series hardware.

On a Cachefly speed test, I received about 325Mbps on this 10Gbps port which is fine with me as with the timezone I’m more in an “off peak” timezone and the London, UK server could be facing “peak” time as it would be almost 12:40 in the afternoon in London.

When connected via OpenVPN, I receive about 5Mbps in both directions on the Speed Test website. Your results might vary depending on your location and network connectivity but I have received reliable 5Mbps back and forth with other friends who tested receiving similar results. Compared to Paris, France and Online SAS- OnlineSAS is slightly faster but is not a prepaid annually option like HostUS.

Conclusion- so far so good with HostUS. I purchased a Los Angeles service for $11 per year and purchased the $17 per year London UK service after being extremely satisfied in Los Angeles. HostUS has hosting in Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington DC and Atlanta in the United States and London, UK in Europe.

I monitor the service with LibreNMS and also NixStats where I’ve had zero interruption/downtime with the London, UK and Los Angeles, CA services offered by HostUS. You will not be disappointed.

VPS List Update – December 2015

Just an update for everybody, I’m doing just fine.

I have some other projects at the moment which are taking a little bit of a higher priority. I run a small YouTube channel and video production is about 100 times more difficult and time consuming than text based content creation so it gets overwhelming then when you look at text content, you’re pretty much burned out and don’t feel like making new posts.

I do have VPS services I’m still reviewing, including the services from Enzu / BudgetVM, and I have a OVH VPS review that I haven’t even started yet but I will complete by Monday or this time next week at the latest. I find that OVH is a pretty solid location for VPS hosting as I’ve had minimal issues. Matter of fact, I host my LibreNMS installation on the OVH VPS because I didn’t want my monitoring on the same physical dedicated server.

With the recent OVH network outage, my OVH VPS went down via network but the dedicated server was fine. I had some packet loss on the dedicated server but the OVH VPS network was completely down, with the OVH VPS responsive at times but mostly was not responsive.

Right now, the first major cold front blew through my area and everybody including myself is feeling their first taste of winter related sickness.

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and you’re planning a wonderful Christmas; there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world that is trying to prevent you from enjoying this time of year with your friends and family.

Ramnode Review – 186 Days of Uptime


Ramnode is a relatively new company by industry standards of where companies have been around 10 or more years.

This is nothing against the company as they’re making name recognition in some areas of the web hosting industry.

First, Ramnode operates their own US network and own EU network through a partner which is absolutely amazing since IPv4 is starting to end the ‘depleted’ phase where IPv4 shortages are going to happen soon.

Second, what I like the most is on the about Ramnode page, the CEO Nick even puts out his email address and encourages you to email him if there is an issue!

I am using a SSD VPS v2 plan which is 1GB of RAM, 4 CPU cores, 1 IPv4 address, a /64 IPv6, and 75GB of disk space. This is under the “Premium” section and this is $10 per month.

BudgetVM Review – Chicago Xen VPS

BudgetVM Logo

BudgetVM, known also as their parent company Enzu, was founded in 2005. Enzu also operates their own website, operates the BudgetVM website and also operates the brand RapidXen.

For this review, we’re going to focus on the BudgetVM offer of Xen VPS services in Chicago at their location at 350 Cermak, which is one of the world’s largest data centers, according to BudgetVM’s Chicago network information page.

I have an older legacy plan that is a 256MB VPS. 1GB plans start off at $4.99/mo which is a great deal for a Xen VPS.

Ubiquity Hosting’s Cloud Platform Review – My First Outage

Ubiquity Hosting

I’ve been reviewing Ubiquity Hosting’s Cloud platform for the past 2 weeks as I decided to host a service there lured in by the $25 free credits and the cloud platform which advertisies 100% uptime, failover if the service is unresponsible and seemingly like more features/options than a “low end” provider who offers 1GB VPS services for 1/3 of the cost.

Last night, October 14th 2015, I had an alert on my LibreNMS installation that the Chicago DNS server went down which was hosted by Ubiquity Hosting’s Cloud platform.

I inquired via a support ticket, which I received a fast response, however when I asked about the 100% network uptime and the auto failover – I keep receiving canned responses regarding my reasonable inquiries. I’m not the type to flaunt that I review VPS services, but I did mention I have to add this in my review so it would need to be answered by somebody who knows or escalated to a higher level because I’m not completely disappointed at the promise of 100% network uptime as network “blips” and “burps” happen however when it says “automatic failover” and my service didn’t come back up over an hour later is where my issue is.

If I want downtime and being ignored by support, I can go on LowEndBox and find a kid’s summer host project going into the fall / autumn where they usually collapse.

Downtime from a 10/14 to 10/15 overnight outage.

Downtime from a 10/14 to 10/15 overnight outage.

I checked all the rest of my graphs from other instances to confirm it was not a network issue with my LibreNMS issue as some know with monitoring, all the sudden some random monitoring locations stop responding could indicate an issue with your network monitoring service’s own network however this was not the case.

Once I get more information, as I bumped my ticket, I will edit this post below to give Ubiquity Hosting a reasonable time to respond.

I looked and it appears to be exactly 6 hours of downtime. However I do not see an announcement for such a downtime or even something emergency.

Ubiquity Hosting Announcements


I spoke to Brett in the ticket and he was very apologetic for the incident.

It appears the Motion panel had a bug regarding the maintenance announcement and apologized for lack of notification in my ticket that the service was undergoing maintenance. Brett also said Los Angeles and New Jersey would be updated similarly very soon. He offered a 1 month credit for the 6 hour outage which I feel is very sufficient and more than generous as I wasn’t pushing for a credit.

Linode – New Jersey SSD Cloud VPS Review

Linode LogoAbout:
Linode is an established provider, first started in 2003 which it seems a lot of hosting providers started around this time.

Linode has excellent name and brand recognition by the web hosting community although some disputes you see regarding the service on web hosting forums and blogs seem to be regarding Linode policies such as nullrouting of IP addresses.

At one time, the complaint was Linode is “too expensive” however their prices have been dropped for the 1GB plans down to $10/mo which I feel is very reasonable for the features and stability you receive with the service.

I picked up the Linode 1GB service for $10/mo USD.

BudgetVM Review – Miami Xen VPS

BudgetVM LogoAbout:
BudgetVM, known also as their parent company Enzu, was founded in 2005. Enzu also operates their own website, operates the BudgetVM website and also operates the brand RapidXen.

For this review, we’re going to focus on the BudgetVM offer of Xen VPS services in Miami. Their Miami location is located in “downtown Miami” according to their Miami network information. I know the physical location is located at 36 NE Second Street at the IM Integrated facility.

I have an older legacy plan that is a 128MB VPS. 1GB plans start off at $4.99/mo which is a great deal for a Xen VPS.